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Did you just lose your job due to Covid? Did you recently graduate high school and you feel lost and you’re wondering what to do?

The healthcare sector is vast and expanding faster than the economy. In the U.S., the healthcare industry is about 17% of gross domestic product (GDP). There are always open healthcare positions.

Are you looking for a job in which you can help others and make great money? Take a look at these high-paying medical field jobs!

It’s Not All About the Blood

Many people shy away from jobs in the medical field because they don’t like blood. Not all medical jobs include bodily fluids! There are medical field jobs in which you don’t have direct patient contact.

There are many support systems around the medical field such as Medicare insurance products. You can even get online sales training to add these products to an existing business.

If you don’t like blood, you can still work in medical-field related industries. The more traditional jobs, though, are still some of the best paying jobs in the field.

Physicians and Surgeons

Physicians and surgeons make the highest salaries in the medical field. They also complete anywhere from 11-15 years of education beyond high school.

The work consists of diagnosing and treating patients, prescribing medications, and following up. Surgeons are physicians who also operate on patients when necessary. Not all physicians can do surgery.

The median pay for physicians and surgeons is about $208,000 per year.


Dentists are another type of medical practitioner but they work only in the mouth. They help patients maintain their oral health. Dentists are also highly paid but they only spend four years in dental school after getting a bachelor’s degree.

As with physicians and surgeons, you must pass a licensing exam before you can practice. Dentists make about $160,000 per year.


A pharmacist is another high-paying medical field job. Pharmacists do more than fill prescriptions. They have extensive education about medications and their side effects.

Pharmacists know how medicines interact with other medicines and the most effective ways of taking them. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and then about another four years of pharmacy school. As a pharmacist, you’ll make about $128,000 per year.

Nurse Practitioner

You’ve heard of a nurse but have you ever heard of a nurse practitioner? A nurse practitioner takes nursing a step beyond and fills some primary care duties for patients.

You’ll need a nursing degree as well as a master’s degree. You’ll also need licensing and certification. The median pay is good at about $115,000 per year.


An optometrist handles diseases of the eye. As an optometrist, you’ll treat patients with vision issues, eye disorders, and eye injuries.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and another four years of school for the Doctor of Optometry degree. You’ll also have to pass a licensing exam. Optometrists make about $115,000 per year.

High-Paying Medical Field Jobs

These are some of the most high-paying medical field jobs. As with many high-paying jobs, many require a bachelor’s degree as well as a specialized degree.

The medical field is big and continues to expand, and it’s full of job opportunities. Not all need an advanced degree, such as jobs in the supporting insurance industry.

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