The recruitment landscape is a battlefield where every decision can make or break a company’s success. Enter, a trailblazing service that equips HR professionals and staffing firms with a potent weapon – the power of cognitive testing. This service offers a unique way to gauge a candidate’s intellectual prowess, providing a deeper understanding of their potential to excel in a role.

New Service

The new service from is a beacon of simplicity in the often complex world of recruitment. It enables HR practitioners to dispatch an IQ test to candidates via a link, eliminating the logistical hurdles associated with traditional testing methods. This service is a testament to the power of technology in making recruitment more efficient and effective.

The Role of IQ Testing in Recruitment

IQ testing is a cornerstone of cognitive assessment, offering insights into a candidate’s problem-solving capabilities, logical reasoning, and learning agility. These factors are instrumental in predicting job performance. By integrating IQ testing into the recruitment process, HR professionals can make data-driven hiring decisions, mitigating the risk of costly recruitment errors.

Accessing Candidate Analytics and Results’s service goes beyond just providing an IQ score. It offers a treasure trove of data, including detailed analytics and results for each candidate. HR professionals can delve into a candidate’s scores, time allocation per question, and areas of cognitive strength and weakness. This wealth of information paints a comprehensive picture of a candidate’s cognitive profile, aiding in the assessment of their fit for a role.

The Perks of Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment testing is a powerful tool in the HR arsenal. It can enhance the quality of hiring decisions, decrease turnover rates, and ensure a better fit between the job and the candidate. A study published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that pre-employment testing can boost employee productivity by up to 20%. By leveraging the service from, companies can harness these benefits, fostering a high-performing and cohesive workforce.

The Competitive Edge for Companies Using the Service

Companies that adopt the service stand to gain a competitive advantage. The service optimizes the recruitment process, saving valuable time and resources. It also elevates the caliber of hires by offering in-depth insights into a candidate’s cognitive abilities. Moreover, the service can bolster a company’s employer brand, showcasing their commitment to a rigorous and equitable recruitment process.


In a nutshell,’s new service is a game-changer for HR professionals and staffing firms. It brings the power of cognitive testing to the recruitment process, enabling companies to make data-driven hiring decisions. This leads to a more efficient, effective, and successful workforce. So, are you ready to transform your talent acquisition process with