single-family house

As their name suggests, single-family houses are designed for one family. They are detached from other structures and have a yard for outdoor activities. Owners are responsible for all upkeep, both inside and out, when they purchase a single-family house. In exchange, they have a good deal of privacy and space to spread out.

Despite their popularity, single-family houses are not the ideal housing solution for many people. It pays to look at features of other types of homes before making a decision. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of townhomes and condos can help you decide if one of them is a better choice for your family.

Features of Townhomes and Condominiums

If you enjoy the privacy and house-like feel of single-family homes but want to live where there is a strong sense of community, a townhouse might be the answer. Just like single-family houses, townhomes come in a wide range of sizes, so even a growing family can easily spread out inside. Most come with a small yard to enjoy some time outside. Many communities have embraced them as an attractive solution to increase housing stock and you should have no trouble finding a great selection of townhouses for sale in Suffolk VA.

If you don’t want to worry about yard work or any external maintenance and a private yard isn’t high on your priority list, a condominium could be a good choice. Exterior maintenance and yard work are included with condo HOA fees, which means you can say goodbye to cleaning gutters and raking leaves every fall. That makes a condo a great home choice for busy families or retirees who want to enjoy a home without the extra work.

Similarities and Differences Between Them

While there are many similarities between the two, there are also a few key differences between townhouses and condos that you should be aware of when house hunting. Condominiums are similar in that you purchase part of a larger unit. These, however, are more similar to an apartment. They are often inside of a larger structure where you may have other units above or below you which reduces privacy. On the flip side, condos often provide a wide range of amenities that you may not find in townhome communities, such as pools, gyms and playground areas.

Considering townhouses and condos in your home search opens up an entirely new market where you might just find a great community and home packed with amenities and with much less upkeep. It is helpful to be aware of similarities and differences when shopping and ask questions about HOA responsibilities before making a decision.

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