Whether you are looking for a rustic look or something more modern, there is a fireplace mantel to match your personality. A simple piece of wood or a limestone slab can be crafted into various styles that fit any home décor.

There are many benefits of having a modern fireplace mantel in your home.

Enhanced Appearance

The clean lines of a modern fireplace mantle are an attractive feature for your home or workplace. A mantel is a hooded surface that sits above your fireplace surround, providing protection for the wall and external space for your fireplace accessories. A variety of designs are available for the modern homeowner. Using unexpected decor items can make your mantel stand out. Adding a few sculptural pieces to your mantel can create balance and harmony in a room. This is ideal when your layout involves asymmetrical surroundings. Whether decorating with traditional or contemporary elements, there is plenty of scope for incorporating the mantel into your design. When you choose a mortared or carved stone fireplace surround, you can easily update your plan with newer materials, including concrete and brick.

Increased Functionality

A mantel can provide more than just visual appeal. It acts as a barrier between the fire and your electronics like TVs or mounted art, protecting them from potential heat damage. Whether you want to mount a flat-screen TV above your fireplace or wish to display your favorite framed family photos, a modern mantel provides ample space to do so safely. Remember, however, that your television should be at least six inches above the top of your fireplace opening, and no combustible material can be within this distance. A contemporary wood mantel can reflect your home’s architectural style or introduce a new interior design concept. Unlike older mantels with wrought iron railings, wooden mantel shelves offer simple lines that enhance any living room without imposing excessive weight above the fireplace. You can also use a floating wood mantel shelf for a more lightweight, streamlined look. In the past, some homeowners confused the terms “mantel” and “mantle,” but they are now generally viewed as distinct.

Aesthetically Pleasing

When done right, a fireplace mantel can serve as a focal point for a room. It’s also a great way to showcase your favorite collectibles and flea market finds. Another way to decorate your fireplace is by adorning it with a curated mix of items that reflect a theme or style. For example, the black and white photos on this rustic-chic living room mantel match the wall art and rug for a cohesive look. You can also dress up your stone fireplace mantel with sconces for elegant symmetry. Or, as the designer did in this cozy cottage, you can transform your fireplace surround with a modern mixed-media look by painting it and adding wood slats on top. The result is a sleek, trendy, practical, and appealing look.

Increased Home Value

A fireplace can add significant value to a home. Buyers will often prioritize homes with a fireplace, as they see it as a desirable feature that enhances the cozy ambiance of the living space and provides warmth during colder seasons. A modern fireplace can improve resale value by increasing a property’s curb appeal. Adding or upgrading an existing fireplace with a new mantel can instantly make the entire room look more appealing and stylish. The addition of a fireplace can also attract environmentally conscious buyers. Ethanol and gas fireplaces, for example, do not produce carbon emissions and can appeal to buyers who prioritize sustainable living. To maximize your modern mantel’s benefits, ensure it’s properly maintained. Regular cleanings and occasional touch-ups can ensure that the design is always in perfect condition.

By Sambit