Sports wagering is rapidly becoming the world’s fastest-growing hobby, showing an annual growth of 17.3%. Its online section is expected to boast a user pool of 49 million in the US alone by 2027. Hence, with an expanding number of people getting into this entertainment form, here is a concise tutorial on how bookmakers payout betting wins.

What Are Betting Odds & How They Get Set

In short, wagering odds are a representation (numerical) of the probability of a particular outcome happening. Naturally, this is about something occurring in a sporting event. Without question, they are the most crucial component of this pastime, expressing the likelihood of a specific result, meaning things like a team winning, a player scoring, and so on.

Odds used to get set via a meticulous procedure carried out by bookmakers that entailed a comprehensive analysis of a wide range of factors, like player/team historical performances, recent form, injury reports, pertinent news, public sentiment, market conditions, external aspects like the weather/venue specifics, and more. Today, these elements get totaled using high-tech software and expert oversight. So, they represent a more accurate prediction of event probability than ever, giving bettors an idea of how to act in their gambling pursuits regarding spotting chances for profits.

Odds Formats & Vital Concepts

Multiple odds formats exist. Some of the more popular ones are fractional, decimal, money lines, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Hong Kong.

The first three are, undoubtedly, the ones gamblers will most likely see at online sportsbooks. The fractional odds express the profit relative to the stake. The decimal ones represent the total payout, including the stake, and the money lines, embraced dominantly in the US, employ positive/negative numbers to denote favorites and underdogs. A positive indicates potential profit on a $100 wager, and a negative signifies the sum needed to win $100.

To keep things brief, the link between odds and winnings gets encapsulated using a simple formula that states that the potential winnings are equal to the stake multiplied by the odds divided by one hundred.

Aside from the things mentioned above, two other concepts concerning sports betting need to be explained: the margin and the vig. These are related terms but refer to slightly different things. The vig, or vigorish, is the commission a sportsbook charges for facilitating betting fun, typically included in the odds. Its job is to ensure the bookmaker makes a profit regardless of the outcome. On the other hand, the margin is the overall edge or profit margin a sportsbook seeks to maintain across all accepted bets. It’s a broader concept, representing the sportsbook’s cushion/profit percentage, while the vig applies to a single bet.

Why Odds Change

Odds are not static. Not only that, but they continuously get subjected to adjustments. In the gambling sector, these modifications are called movements. Several factors contribute to these shifts, and tracking them can supply valuable insights into market sentiment. That allows astute bettors to capitalize on favorable wagering opportunities before they vanish.

The key catalysts that drive odds fluctuations are betting volume, which makes sportsbooks recalibrate the odds to manage their exposure, team/player news, bookmaker strategy, such as tweaking odds to attract bets on a specific side, and synchronizing odds to prevent arbitrage. These are only a few. More are in play but are outside the scope of this article. 

How to Get Paid Online

As mentioned in the intro, more and more sports gambling nowadays transpires on the World Wide Web. Hence, it is on the Internet where thousands of betting wins get cashed out each minute. Getting one’s winning balance from a sportsbook account to a digital pocketbook is similar everywhere. Yet, for illustration, we shall use the procedure outline in a BetNow sportsbook review as our guide. BetNow is one of the more reputable US-centric offshore remote bookies, operating from Curacao and providing crypto and fiat withdrawals. To get winnings from this site, one must navigate to its cashier tab via their profile page, pick the withdrawal option, choose a selected payment method, and enter the desired amount they wish to take out.

At BetNow, like most online bookmakers, cryptocurrency transactions get processed instantly and carry no fees. In contrast, fait ones can take days to finalize and may carry extra charges depending on the requested sum. For almost all Internet bookies, completing an identity verification process known as KYC may be mandatory for fiat and crypto users to get any winnings.

Getting Funds From a Betting Shop/Lounge

Like in the online sphere, when trying to get paid for a winning slip, a gambler should be ready to show a valid ID at a payment window to confirm his identity. He must also present the ticket in question, which contains a bar code that will get scanned and details about the made wager. After a sportsbook employee checks everything for fairness, they may offer the winner several payout methods, like cash, check, voucher, and tax forms, if the win surpasses a set legal amount where reporting it becomes mandatory.

It should be noted that it is customary to tip the window staff in some regions, but this is always optional.

To Sum Up

Odds determine the size of money won for a correct sporting event guess in betting. While fast payments are more likely at a retail sportsbook, it is far more convenient to wager online, and with the use of cryptos, betting prizes can get paid out in hours, sometimes even anonymously.


By varsha