During the COVID-19 pandemic, a weblog with the use of audio, known as podcasts, has become a phenomenon as technology continues to evolve its means of making the vision a reality. With its steady rise in superior audio broadcast services like Spotify and iTunes, Podcast Insights detected over 2 million podcasts in April 2021. With that many podcasts accessible online, your chances of making your podcast noticed by your Podcast Audience fans and the intended audience decrease.

As a result, after using a step by step guide to start your podcast, you will need to scale up your podcast advertising methods successfully.

As marketers provide budding podcasters with a plethora of marketing methods, attempting to implement each one might deplete their time and resources.

To save time and energy trying out 20 or even more podcast advertising initiatives, modern technological tools like a QR code generator are here to help to promote your podcast to audio listening audiences across relevant and popular platforms online and offline.

How Can You Actively Promote Your Podcast Using Modern Technology?

Podcasting in today’s period is made easy thanks to modern technology. And with various modern tech tools that many podcasters can integrate, here are four simplified means that they can follow to enhance their listening coverage successfully and seamlessly promote their podcast shows on various platforms.

  1. Before Releasing Your Podcast Show, Produce At Least The First Three Episodes.

A well-prepared podcaster is unrivaled. Because most first-time listeners like to listen to your work for a more extended period before deciding to follow your series and suggest it to their friends, it is critical to release three to five tracks on the day it is released.

As a result, you will be capable of engaging your listeners more in the content you post on the podcast’s release day and learn from their comments on the program. From the words you gather, you can use them in your future podcast shows and improve them. 

  1. Find An Appropriate Site For Your Podcast Show.

Because many audio streaming services incorporate audio broadcasting or podcasting in their solutions, it is critical to choose the channel that best meets your desired number of listeners and the convenience of use when working with them.

When deciding on one, you should look into the quality of their podcast solutions, which provide options for independent and simplified podcasters, among other things. 

If we look at today’s modern podcasting services, podcast listeners’ preferred streaming channels like Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes have the most podcast listeners throughout the podcast age.

From that point, podcasters can decide which audio streaming provider they should use to host their podcast shows. 

  1. Make Your Podcast Marketing Items As Unique As Possible.

Print materials, your blog, and social media handles can all be used to promote your podcast by posting previews and announcements. And while you’re giving out tidbits of details about your upcoming podcast sessions, the interactions you’ll occasionally acquire will dwindle in the long term.

As a result, many podcast producers put their advertising skills and tools to the test by employing differentiated marketing strategies. With QR codes as one of the modern marketing tools they employ, podcasters that use Spotify as their podcast show can turn their series into a QR code. 

By placing a Spotify QR code in your print and digital advertising spaces, they can create a seamless way for their target listeners to listen to the podcast show directly they are promoting. 

  1. Design A Catchphrase For Your Podcast Show That Is Relevant To The Audience.

To establish brand recognition in your current and prospective listeners, you must always include a viewer catchphrase in every podcast session you tease on social networking sites and blog sites. 

Making your slogan more relevant to your target audience while creating it is also crucial in gaining more listeners.

How To Transform Your Podcast QR Code?

For podcasters to make the third approach a reality, they can turn their podcast show into a QR code. They only need to secure the link of their podcast show on the audio streaming service they use. 

  1. Select and open a QR code generator with logo online
  2. Choose the URL category and place your podcast link. 
  3. Generate as a dynamic QR code
  4. Configure your Podcast QR code layout and run a scan test.
  5. Save your Podcast QR code and integrate it into your promotional materials. 


The possibility to potentially display one’s vocal talent has grown as attention to audio remarks has switched from radio to online audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and others.

And, because this increase means stiffer competitiveness for dominance at the top, podcast promotion becomes a more substantial option for creators to use.

With QR codes being one of today’s go-to promotional tools, boosting your podcast with these 2D codes helps bring in more listeners who are just a scan away.