HHC is a fascinating cannabinoid that is relatively new in the world of cannabis. But, people are already starting to explore its potential and compare it to the well-known THC. – HHC and THC

How do you compare HHC to THC so far?

HHC is similar in potency to THC and produces comparable subjective effects. It was briefly sold as many other synthetic cannabinoids were but soon became illegal in most countries where it was sold. This parent compound has never been screened for human consumption, nor has any of its derivatives produced from HHC reduced down the same pathway as CP-series ligands.

1. Different Parts of the Plant

Getting high on weed is a popular experience no matter how you smoke your cannabis. These two new products, HHC and THC, rely on concepts that are based on these very same ideals. Only one of these two products can be produced from dried cannabis flower (THC) and the other one can be extracted from seeds and pollen mostly from the already growing plants (HHC).

2. Similar Effects

After much research, it seems that HHC is extremely similar to THC. In fact, many users have noted nearly identical feelings and effects from both substances, saying that they believe HHC could almost be THC. It is most likely that HHC acts in the same manner as its sister molecule, but with a seemingly weaker potency. This would mean that if you’re looking to use cannabinoids for treatment purposes, you’re likely better off using THC instead of HHC.

3. Different levels of bioavailability

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a chemical compound that is found in marijuana and produced by certain strains of cannabis flowers. So far this chemical has been shown to bind to cannabinoid receptors more efficiently than THC and in the same concentration levels. If HHC turns out to be bioavailable in higher concentration levels than THC, it could mean stronger effects from less product.

4. Different levels of prominence within the plant

Delta 9 THC is the most well-known cannabinoid among humans, but one of the least common occurring in the marijuana flower; it consists of only 0.3% of the plant. HHC is found less often in marijuana, regardless of strain or flower; in most cases, it doesn’t even make up a full 1% of the overall plant. This amount is so small that consuming full-spectrum hemp products or cannabis flowers will not give you the effects of HHC like you would find if you were to consume a product that was specifically made with HHC as a primary ingredient.

5. Availability

HHC is an extremely potent cannabinoid, with stronger effects than THC. HHC is a non-psychotropic compound, meaning it won’t make you high on its own, but it will change the way you feel and interact with the world around you. Studies are still being conducted on the potential medical benefits of this unique chemical compound including the treatment of various psychological disorders, as well as its use in improving overall health.

HHC is not available on the open market either due to being federally illegal and illegal in many states. If your state has legalized HHC, that’s a different story. But, the majority of United States residents cannot legally access either cannabinoid just yet. Buy HHC online from the well-known brand Wild Orchard Hemp.

6. Forms in Which it Comes

Hemp HHC is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant. It is different from THC, which is psychoactive, and better known for its use in medicinal marijuana applications and recreational vapes, edibles, and tinctures.  Hemp HHC has seen more interest recently as more states are legalizing the use of medical marijuana, and with that comes potentially bigger markets for all hemp products.

Where to buy HHC products?

Wild Orchard Co. products are made with pride in the USA. They use lab facilities along with the suppliers that are not only ISO-Certified but also Current Good Manufacturing Practices certified. This means that their products are produced by well-trained and qualified technicians, who follow strict rules and regulations to ensure that you get a safe product.

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