High Blood Pressure

How Does High Blood Pressure Affect Your Body

Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure is an increasingly common disease, particularly in developed countries. The condition is very tricky because it typically presents no symptoms, so you might only find out after developing a more serious related disease

Causes of Hypertension

The disease is caused by numerous factors, including lifestyle causes and genetic ones as well. Some of the lifestyle causes are smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, and consumption of too much salt or alcohol. 

There is also an element of family history to hypertension – if close relatives have the condition, you have an increased risk too. There are secondary factors too, which may include chronic illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol, and kidney diseases. 

Effects of Hypertension on the Body

1. Damaged Arteries

Your arteries need to be strong in order to transport blood properly around the body. Hypertension damages the cells of the inner lining of your arteries, causing them to be less elastic. Therefore, it limits the blood flow in the body. 

2. Damaged Heart

Your heart will be exposed to many cardiovascular diseases once you have hypertension. Enlarged heart, heart failure, and coronary heart disease are some of the conditions you may contract due to hypertension. 

High blood pressure causes your heart to strain while pumping blood, and this weakens the heart muscles. In later stages, your heart becomes overwhelmed, leading to heart failure. 

3. Damaged Brain

Hypertension can cause damage to your brain by limiting the supply of oxygenated blood. You may, in turn, develop health complications like stroke, dementia, and cognitive impairment. Brain cells may die because they have been deprived of nutrients and oxygen. Blood that flows to your brain may clot in the arteries, thus leading to conditions such as stroke

Possible Treatment Methods

There are ways in which you may adjust to help you control the factors that cause hypertension. They may include: 

1. Healthy Diet

Whether you are sick or not, you should always strive to check on your diet. Always eating clean food, plenty of fruits and vegetables, drinking clean water, exercising, and having enough rest will prepare your body to fight against diseases. 

In order to control and prevent hypertension, make it your goal to always have a heart-healthy diet. This should comprise meals with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This diet will help manage the disease and reduce the risk of complications such as cardiac arrest and stroke. 

2. Medical Help

Seeking medical help once you have been diagnosed with hypertension is very important. The doctor will discover the causes and write prescriptions for the necessary medication. At times, some drugs you take may be causing your blood pressure to increase. Therefore, at the hospital, the doctor will prescribe a different kind of medicine to help reduce your blood pressure. 

Prevention Methods

1. Managing Stress

The most effective way to manage stress is through exercise. You may opt for another method such as doing yoga, practicing deep breathing for a couple of minutes every day, or enjoying a massage. Then you can always complete your day with a long peaceful sleep. 

2. Exercising

You burn plenty of calories by exercising. You also get to reduce cholesterol levels in your body therefore shading the extra pounds from your body. Through exercising, you naturally lower your blood pressure, reduce any stress levels, and lastly, you strengthen your heart muscles. 

3. Diet

You should consume plenty of vegetables and fruits rather than meat. Eating too much meat will put you at risk of developing hypertension. You may supplement meat for lean proteins such as poultry and fish. It’s also best to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. 

Hypertension has no known cure, but it can be controlled. It is better to prevent a disease than to cure it. Living a healthy lifestyle should be your norm. Make it a habit. Let it be your mission to see to it that you are living a long healthy life.

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