Immigration Bail Bonds Work

There can be several situations in which your citizenship, or lack thereof, can land you in legal trouble. If you are an immigrant who has been arrested, exercise your right to remain silent. Continue reading this article to learn more about what to do when faced with such unfavorable situations. Lets see How Immigration Bail Bonds Work.

1. The 5 C’s: DO NOT, under any circumstances, discuss your immigration status in the absence of proper legal representation. Keep in mind the following 5 C’s:

  • Consult: Most bondsmen offer free consultations (both in-person and remote) and only charge the premium if you plan to move forward. Explain your situation carefully, so they can help build your case based on its unique complexity.
  • Call: A trustworthy, professional bonds service will answer as many questions as you have over a confidential phone call. You will be treated respectfully despite your alien status, and privacy is guaranteed.
  • Careful: As an immigrant, you can be easily cheated and exploited by citizens; hence, approach reliable bail bonds Ventura for assistance regarding speedy bail. A licensed business will treat you fairly, irrespective of your national origin.
  • Consulate: Immediately contact the embassy or consulate of your country and inform them thoroughly of your arrest. If they are aware of the situation, they can help mediate and prevent punitive action. 
  • Court: At the court, you can obtain a private attorney to represent you. Depending on the case, you may be allowed to post an immigration bail bond to avoid jail time before trial.
  1. The Legal Proceedings: After the arrest of an alien, the law enforcement agency (LEA) can communicate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE will contact you through the LEA using your arrest information, shared with them. They can interview you regarding your immigration status
  • If you are suspected to be undocumented, the LEA will detain you for an additional amount of time before transferring you over to ICE. Within 48 hours, ICE will put you in custody. 
  • The charges against you can be overstaying on an invalid visa, the criminal offense as an alien, violation of visa rules, unlawful entry into the country, etc. The immigration judge, a representative of the U.S. Department of Justice, will be present at your hearing. 
  1. Getting Bailed Out: Once you are arrested, and charges against you fixed for deportation proceedings, you will be placed in ICE custody at a “holding facility”. To return to your home in the US, you may be allowed to pay bail, set by ICE. Bail amounts may range from $1500-$25000. Factors considered include whether you will attend your immigration hearings and the threat to public safety.
  • Most bond businesses have multilingual agents to guide you through the entire process. Bond businesses also have contacts with ICE and local law enforcement and can help locate your loved one.
  • Furthermore, they can explain the immigration process in detail, explaining if the person is at risk of deportation. Having worked with multiple clients, every bondsman has the contacts of reputed immigration lawyers who can help your case.

Do not worry, do not sign any unknown documents, and contact a bail bondsman to get you out of this mess.