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Although their role is well known in senior management circles, the dark image of IT headhunter has yet to be demystified. Perhaps because its original name, which literally means “head hunters”, invites caution. Lets see How IT Headhunter Work a Complete Methodology.

IT headhunters or companies specializing in Executive Search are consultants in charge of searching and selecting the most suitable candidate for their clients. The companies (clients) that go to these consultants usually need to fill a particularly critical and delicate position due to their responsibilities and scope of action; hence the group of executives, directors, and directors is its best hunting ground.

How IT Headhunter Work

Although each headhunting company works in a different way, most tend to agree in their methods of action. Its methodology can be outlined as follows:

Knowledge of the Situation of the Company and its Needs

It is delicate to decide which profile can be adjusted to a management position. Therefore, the first step of the headhunter is to analyze the situation of his client. A good headhunter must know as well as possible the company, its management objectives, and its sectorial environment. Together with the client company, the headhunter defines exactly the position and the personal and professional qualities required in the candidate, as well as the level of experience required.

Location of Candidates that Fit the Required Profile

The IT headhunter have files with the resumes of the best professionals, both English and foreign. But above all, what works in such hunts is a word of mouth and recommendations. IT headhunter knows the human resources market perfectly and tend to have good relationships with the business world.

Candidates are sought in successful organizations, where the corporate culture of the sending and receiving companies are similar and the work environments are similar. The identification of candidates begins by making calls to people whose profile meets the defined requirements.

Thorough Evaluation of Candidates

Candidates who appear with sufficient qualities and express an initial interest in the project are interviewed in-depth. We could say that it is about the job selection process raised to the maximum power. When evaluating candidates, IT headhunter take into account not only work aspects (training, knowledge, experience, merits) but also professional experiences, psychological profile, aptitudes, disposition.

These interviews can be complemented with a psycho-professional analysis through different tools such as psych technical tests, group dynamics, graphology, etc.

How to Contact a Headhunter

If you currently occupy a management position and want to change your professional orientation, another way to attract the attention of IT headhunter is to contact them directly so that they can guide you in your search. They will be able to offer you positions that are really interesting for you and appropriate to your professional level.

Of course, the least efficient thing is to send a mass email of your CV. While it is true that the flute can sound, it will not work if you do not have a good strategy.

There are a large number of headhunting companies. The first thing is to go to the right company and person. Some are dedicated solely to high profiles while others are dedicated to senior managers. Some have a strong international dimension while others are specialized in a specific region. In the same way, some concentrate all their efforts in a single sector, technology for example.

A candidate must understand what the job of a headhunter consists of before contacting him, and act tactfully. It is very rare that a headhunter has time to receive someone in the middle of a process if the person does not correspond to the profile that they are looking for at that moment. And harassing him on the phone will mean our final removal from his lucky list.

In the IT headhunterprofile, you will find the vast majority of headhunting companies operating in Spain. For obvious reasons of discretion, few headhunting companies publish the job offers they manage, not even on their own website.

How to act when a Headhunter Contacts you

Even if you don’t know it yet, your career may be in the crosshairs of a headhunter. It is common for the headhunter to use the surprise factor in his hunt, so if you do not want to start the negotiation at a disadvantage, you must know how to behave in the first contact.

When they call you, close the door of your office, and do not initiate the conversation if you are not alone in the office. The scout knows that he is calling the workplace, and that the candidate may have difficulty speaking. If so, it is best to discreetly communicate it to him immediately and take note of his telephone number to call him from another place or when there are no “moors on the coast.”

For obvious confidentiality reasons, the headhunter usually does not provide details about the client he works for until he is sure that he is really interested in a personal interview. Likewise, there are naive questions that will always remain unanswered: Where did you get my name from? Who has told you about me? Doing them denotes inexperience and generates mistrust.

A headhunter may be forced to contact a person for two main reasons: because he defined them as a possible candidate for his current selection process or because we can give him potentially interesting names and serve as a “source”. The distinction may not be so clear: the undecided “hunter” may thus be led to ask precise questions before knowing whether his interlocutor is a candidate or a source.

From the first call, a headhunter expects precise answers to his questions and you don’t want to waste time. Go to the bottom line to describe your current job title and career path without going into technical details. Support your claims with data. It acts as a “partner” of the headhunter to help him decide if your profile is completely adapted to what he is looking for. If this is the case, the headhunter will summon you to an interview.