Head Shop Owners

If  you think to open a headshop then you must consider several factors to run it successfully. Now, many of us have a doubt in the mind that how much a head shop owner can earn from his business. The tobacco industry is growing at a faster pace and you can make millions from opening a headshop. It is a proven fact that tobacco causes cancer and therefore a new technology is implemented to control the rate of cancer and other diseases while you smoke tobacco.

Today, if you open a headshop and can arrange for all the equipment for smoking the tobacco then you can earn a lot of money from it. Hence, the latest smoke products can contribute to play a vital role in improving the head shop profits to a large scale.

An Estimated Profit Of Tobacco Industry   

The estimated revenue scale a head shop owner can earn is $300000 per store. This is actually the earning potential from the startup point of view. Depending on several other factors the revenue can easily increase or decrease like the customer relationship, shop location,marketing strategy, type of stocks and products.

Different Ways By Which The Head Shop Can Enhance The Business  

There are different ways the new smoking products are healthier compared to other traditional products. Therefore, let’s explore the facts  of how the head shop can enhance your earning capacity.

  • The sales of the e-liquids can increase the store revenue by 60%.
  • Desert and the fruit flavors have ranked at the top of the e-liquids thus it will play a major role in enhancing the business growth.
  • More than 50% of the e liquids with 3mg/ml and the 6mg of the nicotine concentrations.
  • The e-liquid business is relatively very fragmented in nature and no company can dominate in terms of the market penetration rate. On the other hand the hardware sector is concentrated in nature.
  • The overall earning capacity of the smoke shop is $35 billion which is above the normal rate. It helps you to earn at a faster pace. This is equal to the prices of the major profit making of the restaurants.

There are several other aspects that will add to the increased earning opportunity from the head shops.

Why The Smoke Business Is Becoming Profitable?  

The new generation smoke shops have reduced the risk of many deadly diseases due to tobacco consumption. This is the reason why the tobacco business is contributing heavily in developing the economy of any country.

It is found that the shopkeepers keep away all the vaping products out of the hands from the age brackets of 18 years. Thus they are maintaining the rules of the government and ensuring the better health habits for the society. There are certain shops that ask for the ID proofs before they sell the smoking products to their customers. Hence, they reduce the risks of the health hazards for the under age customers who want to smoke tobacco.

How Small Head Shops Can Grow Their Revenue? 

There  are several ways you can earn better returns from your small head shops. You cannot leave a single corner of your communication process untouched. You need to apply the proven working strategy to develop your brand awareness.

You need to serve your clients by providing them with an entire range of tobacco products. They must not be left empty handed from your counter. You can offer them with alternative products if the desired product is nor present in your head shop. The more you update your shop the better returns you can expect from it.

Always try to offer special products to your customers so that they can drive better traffic for your business.You need to make your customers feel special so that they should not leave your shop and switch up your competitors place.  You cannot take chances regarding your offerings to your customers.

Give Your Customers The Reasons To Stick Around

Your customers are the main players who can develop your business. You need to make them satisfied by offering them the latest products that are available in the market. You cannot take the chances of making a delay.Provide your customers the opportunity to increase the gathering of your members in your head shop.

You need to provide something extra to your customers along with the smoking pleasure. You can offer them certain complimentary snacks. Also you have to understand the service advantages of your customer for your business growth. This will provide them the impression that you are the best service provider and you care for the needs of the customers and they will like to visit your shop time and again. Make things feasible and easy for your customers so that they can find your shop the best place to spend some stress free happy times with their friends and relatives.

Increase The Chances of Returning Customers  

You must try to hold the repeated customers in your head shops. Keep your service and products updates. Provide your customers the quality products at a reasonable rate. Try to make your service features innovative and catchy. The reason is the repeated customers can help you to bring new customers for your business. This will help you to increase the chances of your profitability from your headshop. You must not miss any chances to grab the attention and the loyalty of your customers at any point of time.


Hence, you have the scope to generate maximum revenue from your head shop. The only and the most important thing that you must remember in this business is to keep your shop products always updated. You cannot take a chance in swaving the attention of your customers. Just you need to understand the needs of your customers so that you can deliver your best services to your customers. The more you focus on the needs of your customers the better will be your service facility and you can develop a sound brand image for your products. Just you need to understand the requirement of the customers to deliver them your best services.