Surrogate in Greece

Gestational surrogacy is the last hope of many couples who fail to make a baby. However, some countries still either don’t have a law allowing it, or this law is difficult to interpret. Let’s also not forget that surrogacy is a rather expensive thing, and people are searching for destinations having a cheaper price. And Greece became one of the most popular destinations for intended parents, dreaming about having a full family. This article is about How Much Is a Surrogate in Greece: Is It Too Expensive?.

Greece residents can use surrogacy since 2002, but in 2014 the Government adopted a law, allowing foreigners to work with local gestational carriers. And since that moment thousands of people started dreaming about finding a carrier in this country. It’s almost impossible to do it alone, so you’d better organize a surrogacy in Greece with a reliable agency — Those who want to have a child through surrogacy should find out more about this process and weigh all pros and cons before making the final decision.

Since the information on the Internet may vary, you’d better appoint a consultation with the agency’s specialists. These people keep track of all new developments in the sphere of surrogacy, attend each forum devoted to it, and will quickly tell you about all stages of this process and possible pitfalls. Surrogacy in Greece is a much-needed service, so experts will quickly find a perfect surrogate mother for you.

A Quick Overview of Organising a Surrogacy in Greece

The World Center of Baby is an expert in surrogacy matters, and it’s the opinion of many clients and people whose job is related to surrogacy. Well, we mentioned that the surrogacy laws in Greece allow non-citizens to arrive there and implement their dreams. All Greece surrogates should meet certain requirements, such as good health and readiness to go medical check. Also, Greek surrogates can’t be egg donors for intended parents, and you should keep it in mind. 

If you need an egg donor, the fertility clinic at the World Center of Baby will help you find the best person for this purpose. The agency works with gay, lesbian, and other LGBT couples, helping them to feel like happy parents. The cost of surrogacy in Greece is the question concerning all people who plan to have a child this way. Well, the average cost is 80,000$-100,000$, but it’s a mistake to think that all this money goes to the carrier. In Greece, surrogate mother’s compensation rarely exceeds 12,000$. 

The rest of the money is spent on medical checks, tests, documents, agency services, attorney and clinic fees. Some people may think that this sum is huge, but in comparison with other countries, this price is very affordable. Contact the best surrogacy agency in Greece and ask about the opportunity to get a free consultation. Experts will be glad to inform you about all possible options. By the way, intended parents may pay in instalments if the final price seems too high for them. 

A Few Words About Surrogacy Pitfalls and Possible Risks

You’re right if you think that cooperation with a reliable surrogacy agency reduces the probability of a negative income. However, it can’t protect you from facing other problems that don’t depend on the agency’s experts. First of all, you shouldn’t forget about medical risks. Even though the agency ensures regular medical examinations for the carrier, no one can predict what happens tomorrow. Surrogate mothers often suffer from sickness, nausea, face weight gain, back pain and other health issues. 

IVF used in surrogacy also presupposes some risks, such as allergic reactions and various manifestations of premenstrual syndrome. Intended parents risk losing all their money and dream due to miscarriage, although doctors do their best to avoid it. When you visit the agency’s website and read how well everything goes here and how both the IP and carriers are happy, remember that in reality, everything differs. This process is stressful for both sides, and it’s great that experts try to smooth all your worries and help you feel happy. 

Why Should You Trust The Agency?

If you think that various agencies and companies who organize surrogacy play a minor role in this process and only want to make money out of you, you’re deeply mistaken. Those who think so may try to act as experts: find a surrogate mother, organize regular medical checks, find out what papers they should assign with intended parents and make their work legal. No ordinary person can do it. That’s why all people who can’t have children and think of surrogacy should find a reliable agency first. 


Use the power of the Internet, social media and reviews to make sure you trust your future to a trustworthy company. Appoint a free consultation where managers will tell you everything you should know about surrogacy, how it goes, its benefits, risks, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask questions — true experts will certainly answer them. Then, the agency will appoint a meeting with the intended carrier and will give you enough time to get acquainted with each other and decide whether the choice is good or not. On the whole, all surrogate mothers are good because they meet strict criteria. 

Then embryologists cultivate embryos, make embryo transfer and start tracking the carrier’s health state. A good agency always informs intended parents about any changes, no matter whether they are positive or negative. After you know the final price, you can decide either to pay in full or in instalments. Everything is supported by the agreement, so you and the carrier are protected in case something goes wrong. 

WCOB is a worthy representative of a reliable agency that can navigate clients through this complicated and long process and give the necessary support they need. Vast knowledge and long experience let experts perform their job well and help thousands of clients from worldwide feel happy. Get a free consultation and make sure your dreams can become true.