Men Choose Gold Chains

Men’s Gold Chains are different from women. For one thing, men will never wear anything that could be considered ‘costume jewelry.’ Costume jewelry is not only for women, and men nowadays have equal options as women. Men’s Gold Chains are never outdated, and they have been trendy for ages. Let’s see how should men choose gold chains.

Men think they generally have many options; well, yes, their choices are classy and stylish. Also, you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that gold chains are a simple one-choice item, as well.

No, it is not! You can easily find the trendiest and most common types of chains for men, but you have to look carefully! 

Why? Because gold chains have different styles and options. These chains have different lengths and various types. It can be pretty challenging for men to choose the best one for them. 

If you are wearing it as a simple chain around your neckline, here are essential things to remember when you are on the hunt for a men’s gold chain.

Know What You Are Looking

There are different types of chains that work differently on various occasions and outfits. It depends on your personality. Some chains are suitable for the masculine look, whereas others are quiet for the feminine. 

Men’s gold chains can withstand daily wear, and others are better to hold dog tags or pendants. Knowing why you’re buying gold chains for men is one of the most critical decisions. Choosing the proper chain can affect your whole look.

Let’s talk about the most common types of Men’s Gold Chain suitable for every look!

  1. Rope Chain

One of the most versatile and popular styles of jewelry is the Gold Rope Chains. These timeless pieces of jewelry are highly versatile and come in different lengths and are ideal for lockets for women and larger sizes for men’s pendants. Rope chains work like a supporting chain to your neckline. It has an intricate design to look like a real rope gold chain. Most people wear Gold Rope Chains with a pendant or a dog tag. Rope chains also make a powerful statement with other accessories as well as on their own. 

  1. Bead or Ball Chain

Bead or Ball chains have tiny round beads of metal that allow the movements of the beads or the balls. They are spaced with some distance or likely with some small spaces. They are trendy, especially for pairing with dog tags, and carrying them is a class. These chains add extra style to your outfit and give you a sturdy and classy look. The thickness of the bead varies from 1mm to 2mm thickness, and you can generally choose them.

  1. Box Chain

This type of chain has square box links that are usually paired with the pendants. One unique feature about box chains is that you can easily repair them. Box chains are more popular among women than men. It ranges from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.

  1. Cable Chains

Cable Chains are probably the simplest and tiny version of the common iron chains. These chains are elegant with uniformly interlocked ovals. This chain is famous for both men and women, and it ranges in thickness to suit all styles.

  1. Figaro

You can customize the length and gold color of the Figaro chains. Men excessively like to wear Figaro chains. These chains are a tad fancier than cable chains. Originating from Italy, Figaro has been following the alternating pattern of flattened links varying with the sizes. Usually, the pattern of this chain is 2 or 3 shorter links followed by a more extended link.  Therefore, these chains are also chosen as bracelets too. 

Know the Material: Solid Chains Vs. Hollow Gold Chain

There are chains in which men are unaware. The various types of chains are Solid Gold, Gold Filled, and Gold Plated.

  •   Solid Gold

Solid Gold doesn’t necessarily mean that the chains are 100% pure gold. The chains can be 14k Gold Chains, 22k Gold Chains, and 10K Gold Chains.  

  •   Gold Filled

This type of metal is made of the bonding sheet of Gold onto the metal base, commonly silver known as Rolled Gold. These gold-filled chains are classy and look authentic. 

  •   Gold Plated

Gold Plating completes by submerging the non-gold alloy into molten Gold to create the gold coating. These chains are not very costly as compared to other gold chains.

So, what’s the conclusion?

If you are looking for some classy and elegant designs, go for thin, delicate chains. These chains are for the stylish minimalist look. It best suits the person who is more likely to go out and more prominent. It will work wonders for them.

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