Social media has a huge role to play in the online business and marketing platform nowadays. Social media has an enormous impact on Search Engine Optimization results. Although it does not contribute to the SEO ranking directly, it rather provides a much wider exposure to a brand or a business through the links shared. Basically, social media plays its part in attracting organic web traffic to a website.

SEO experts in Adelaide use social media platforms extensively in promoting their businesses, which earns them more significant organic traffic, thus helping enormously in the growth of the company.

why is graphic design important?

A few points depicting the relation between SEO and Social media have been discussed below:

Graphic design is an essential component that significantly enhances why is graphic design important for social media in the contemporary online business and marketing landscape. In today’s digital age, where social media holds a pivotal role, the visual aspect offered by graphic design becomes paramount. Social media platforms wield immense influence over Search Engine Optimization (SEO) outcomes, and graphic design plays a pivotal role in optimizing this impact. While it may not directly dictate SEO rankings, graphic design facilitates vastly expanded exposure for brands and businesses through the compelling visuals and aesthetically pleasing content it creates. Essentially, graphic design collaborates with social media in a synergistic effort to captivate audiences, foster engagement, and effectively communicate a brand’s message.

This is especially evident in the practices of SEO experts in Adelaide, who recognize the profound value of graphic design in their promotional endeavors. By leveraging visually appealing graphics and well-crafted designs on social media platforms, these experts magnify their business promotion efforts, resulting in a substantial upswing in organic web traffic. The harmonious blend of graphic design and social media proves instrumental in steering this organic traffic to their websites, thereby fueling remarkable company growth. In essence, graphic design serves as the creative conduit that enhances the reach, impact, and resonance of social media campaigns, playing an indispensable role in the evolution and prosperity of businesses.

Increased Organic Traffic

As mentioned above, social media is not directly a ranking factor for web pages. Sharing business profiles and marketing links over various social media platforms impacts site traffic positively. More visibility is provided to the content. Likewise, with an increasing number of people visiting the website, more web traffic is sent to the page. This boosts the rankings of the web page. SEO experts in Adelaide distribute their content extensively over various social media platforms, which gives them a much wider audience who engage with their site content, thus bringing in more web traffic.

Improved Content Reach

When it comes to sharing content with a vast number of people, there is no other option better than social media platforms. On search engines, people generally discover pages while searching with relevant keywords. Creating better content attracts more users and hence, more web traffic, which ultimately boosts the rankings of the web page. SEO experts in Adelaide look towards creating better content quality and share their respective links throughout their social media handles. This plays a huge role in their success.

Helps to Enhance Search Engine Ranks

They are quite often visible on the first page of the search engine along with branded search results. This may increase the visibility of the page and bring in more traffic to the web page. The number of likes, comments, and shares on social media posts plays a significant role in improving the search engine ranks.

This also creates more opportunities to gain backlinks, which is a huge part of SEO.

Boost Content Performance

If you just make your content and build your web page without sharing or promoting it anywhere, it is just going to sit there idly. When great efforts are made in creating and posting content on a webpage, it is a total waste without sharing it. Sharing the content over various social media platforms is very important. Social media understands the pulse of the audience and connects your webpage to potential customers, benefiting both parties.

Additional Factors

As we have already discussed, social media positively impacts SEO results indirectly. It has the potential of attracting potential web traffic to your web page. Creating quality content compels people to further share your work with their friends and followers over social media, thus bringing in even more web traffic. This cycle is an endless one, which ensures endless web traffic. It must be kept in mind that creating engaging content is the key to attract more eyes to your web page. A few types of content that engage web traffic and shares over social media platforms are:

  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Info-graphics


As evident from the discussions above, social media plays a massive role in increasing web traffic for a web page of a business, attracting more potential customers, which indirectly helps the website to keep high ranks in the search engine results.