It is important to highlight that the Indian educational sector had to undergo a significant amount of changes in the last few years with the start of the online education system. It is important to understand that initially with the start of online education there was no best platform to sell courses online, rather it was a mismatched group of companies who were selling courses online taking into consideration the needs and requirements of the students. primarily the online education system was being used by their educational sector as well as the private Institutions to provide tutoring to the students. It was only later when the popularity of online education Rose that a group of new entrepreneurs and other private Institutions and their educational market so that better online courses can be provided to the students in support of the education that has been provided to the students in the schools. It is important to understand that there are several kinds of students present in the Indian educational market each having a significant amount of requirements. The students that go to the schools have a significant division present considering students belonging in high school and those belonging in Middle School. The educational requirements of the middle school students were significantly different than those of the high school students. The reason being that students belonging in Middle School have the utmost requirement of having their concept being cleared across different concentrations of Social Sciences and mathematics while those of high school students are required to prepare themselves for the Board examinations as well as competitive examinations including the NEET and Joint examinations.

The support provided by online courses has been instrumental in ensuring that the students are provided with the much necessary resources so that they can have a better understanding of the concepts and thereby perform better in the examinations. Initially there were a lot of issues present in the online education system as students were always looking for the best platform for selling online courses that would provide them with the maximum support and push them towards achieving better grades in the examinations. However, it was soon realized that the most important factor that made online courses so effective was the teachers and educators who were able to ensure that all the necessary support was being provided to the students and a better explanation was being given to them regarding different concepts. For example, when it comes to the NEET and Joint examinations in the country, it is important to highlight that there is no additional support provided to the students in the classroom from their schools. As a result it is these online courses that are responsible for ensuring that the students are provided complete knowledge on what kind of questions will come in these examinations and how to prepare themselves for the same. Similarly and considering the other competitive examinations undertaken in the country such as that of UPSC and other Central Government and state government examinations most of the students are dependent on these online courses that are responsible for providing them with complete knowledge on the syllabus Structure as well as helping them prepare the subjects accordingly. The support provided to the student has been instrumental in ensuring that they are successful in competing in these examinations and are provided with better scores in the end.

Future of Online courses in India

Online courses have brought forward a new educational system in the country that has been significantly dependent on providing better support to the students. It is because of online courses that students belonging from financially weak backgrounds have been able to be provided with better guidance from educators as a result of the cost effective approach of these courses. Moreover, when it comes to competitive examinations students have been able to be provided with the best assistance and guidance from educators who are often located in other parts of the country. Moreover, there are also several scholarships available for students from economically weak backgrounds thereby ensuring that no students are rejected because they do not have the required money to continue their education.

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