how to add volunteer experience to linkedin

Do you know when you add volunteer experience to your LinkedIn profile, your chance of getting a job is enhanced? It not only helps in building your brand but also establishes your social capital, boosts your career and amplifies networking with your leads and target audience. So, if you are engaged in some volunteer work, then do not forget to add this information to your LinkedIn. In this post, you will learn how to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn.

Wondering why the hiring managers and leading prospects give importance to volunteering experience? Well, it shows your management skills, empathy and consideration. In addition, it also shows your abilities to work in a team, work motivation and much more.

How to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn?

Here are a few easy steps following which you can add your valuable volunteering experience to your LinkedIn profile.

Step 1: Open your LinkedIn profile

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Now click on the link “View profile section” present below the section “contact information” at the top of your LinkedIn profile. Here you can see all the sections you need to add. Then click on the tab “Add volunteer experience”, to open the volunteer section on your profile.

how to add volunteer experience to linkedin

Step 2: Give all details of your organization

In this section, enter the name of your organization and your role in volunteer work. Make use of this section to highlight your specific work whether you were a supporter, sponsor, grantor, patron or anything.

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Step 3: Go to the dropdown list

It allows you to select the appropriate cause from the given list. If you do not find anything relevant that signifies your experience perfectly, then you can leave this section blank by choosing the uppermost option which is a minus sign.

Step 4: Select dates

Now from the dropdown list select the year and month. There is no end date feature on LinkedIn, so if you are volunteering at present, choose the tab “currently volunteer here”

how to add volunteer experience to linkedin

Step 5: Give information in the description sector

Give details of volunteer experience in the given description field. Make sure to integrate some context about your volunteering experiences. The best way to do this is by getting some information from the website of the organization.

Step 6: Click “save”

Go down and go through the tab” opportunities you are looking for”. Now go to the pencil icon for entering the edit mode. Select the boxes that show the cause you care for.

You can also give details of other organizations that you support in the tab “Which organization do you support”. Enter names of the organizations where you are not a part of but support them.

Importance of adding volunteer experience to LinkedIn profile

Shows your manageable skills

You might be in the middle of making a career change and do not have any significant work experience. Highlighting your volunteering work helps show the hiring managers that you have the required manageable skills that allow you to excel in your new role. It’s important to properly learn how to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn.

Exhibits your soft skills

Adding volunteer experience to your LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to showcase your soft skills such as flexibility, and being a team player.

Highlights relevant keywords

A lot of companies make use of applicant tracking systems for screening the right candidates. One of the ways by which ATS do this is by scanning for a definite keyword that recruiters search for. Through volunteer experience, you can add those keywords so that ATS can select your profile.

Expands your network

Your chance of coming in contact with the hiring managers increases as volunteering helps in expanding your network. Recruiters give preference to candidates preferred by the experts.

Boosts credibility

Not only work but also when you show your volunteer experience, it shows you all-round skills. People also trust those who contribute to their communities.


Knowing how to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn and adding it is one of the best ways to stand out among your competitors. Your profile becomes easily visible to important employers and they consider you more by knowing you better. In short, volunteer experience in your LinkedIn profile gives a boost to your profile and enhances your professional reputation. And in case you are running a business, it increases your conversion rates and brings in more leads.