Forklift Technician

If you’re thinking about a career in forklift repair, you need to understand the qualifications and education requirements for this job. These professionals work to keep forklifts in good working order, ensuring they operate at their best. In addition to fixing mechanical problems, they also fix cosmetic ones. So if you’re a mechanic curious about forklift repair, this article is for you.


A high school diploma or GED isn’t always a requirement, but it can help you get noticed by prospective employers, mainly if you are a college student. If you want to gain valuable skills as a forklift technician, consider enrolling in a forklift-specific workshop-type course or taking mathematics and physics courses. You’ll need these skills and attention to detail to be a successful forklift technician.

Although there is no educational requirement when looking for a technician job, earning a certification in heavy equipment operation may increase your job prospects. In addition to knowledge of tools, a forklift technician must have excellent communication skills. In addition, they must be physically fit, as they will be doing a lot of work in the field. In addition to operating forklifts, forklift technicians are responsible for maintaining inventories. Most entry-level forklift technicians learn on the job, so it is not unusual for them to receive on-the-job training.

Education requirements

Despite the high-paying nature of this job, the education requirements to become a forklift technician are not incredibly high. The program teaches the basics of essential forklifts, including safety, hydraulics, electric systems, masts, and fuel systems. It also teaches valuable analytic and communication skills. Certification from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council is also required. Whether you plan to work on a forklift in a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or manufacturing plant, it is a good idea to complete a program that will prepare you for the challenges of this job.

Although there is no set educational requirement for becoming a forklift technician, obtaining an associate’s degree in heavy equipment operation may make you more marketable. In addition, certification from a reputable training program proves that you’ve undergone extensive training. Many employers provide tuition reimbursement to employees who complete a training program. As a forklift technician, you must have strong communication skills, in-depth knowledge of tools and equipment, and be physically fit. Moreover, you must be willing to perform strenuous physical work.

Job duties

The job duties of a forklift technician vary according to the company, but they all require problem-solving skills. Besides working with industrial equipment, a forklift technician may have to deal with hazardous chemicals and limited space. Moreover, they may also be required to work with a team of workers. Thus, they must have excellent communication, collaboration, and cooperation skills.

The job of a forklift technician is vital for the operations of any business using these machines. Even if forklifts are not used in all industries, their technicians can help companies avoid costly equipment downtime. While the demand for skilled mechanics is high, forklift technicians can enjoy higher salaries. Most of these technicians begin as shop technicians and advance to mobile field techs. The job description may also include the maintenance of other types of industrial equipment.


If you are interested in a career as a forklift technician, you’ve come to the right place. The material handling industry has a steady need for technicians, and salaries for forklift technicians tend to be competitive. Not only do forklift technicians enjoy competitive pay, but they also enjoy a good work/life balance. Most forklift technician positions are 1st shift, giving you a stable schedule. In addition, unlike automotive technicians, who often work on a 9-to-5 schedule, forklift technicians can spend their time with family.

While the average salary for a forklift technician in Canada is around $55,513 per year, it can vary widely depending on experience. Entry-level technicians with less than three years of experience earn an average of Rs1 lakh per year. Those with four to nine years of experience make an average of Rs0.7 lakh per year. On the other hand, forklift technicians with ten to twenty years of experience earn an average of Rs10 lakhs per year.

By Sambit