Video content is the most popular form of media among Internet users nowadays. So there’s no wonder that this industry attracts many talented freelancers. If you are one of those independent workers willing to master video editing and generate decent content for different companies, organizations, and public figures, these tips are right for you. Read the article and find the essential steps to become a freelance video editor and build a successful career without any experience. 

Who Is a Freelance Video Editor?

A freelance video editor is a specialist engaged in performing video editing tasks. They take footage and edit it to ensure the high quality of the final product. It’s necessary that the video editor knows how to tell a story and pay attention to details, enhancing the video sound, color, coding, and exporting it. Companies and individuals may hire a video editor to create marketing videos, documentaries, or personal videos to preserve memories. Editing the footage, freelancers constantly communicate with the client to achieve the best results.

Tips for Becoming a Freelance Video Editor 

Following these steps, you will find the necessary information that will help you along your way. It takes time to find clients and build a solid portfolio, but diligence and patience will make you a professional in your field. So let’s explore what you need to start successfully!

Develop Editing Skills

The first thing every novice video editor should do is to learn and train as much as possible to develop essential skills. Knowing the basics is not enough: learn shortcuts, advanced editing tools, and terminology. These will enable you to understand clients’ needs, communicate with colleagues effectively, and master your skills by reading professional literature, lectures, and blogs. Do not be afraid to ask for advice and support at the beginning of your path. Develop new and sharpen acquired skills to be the master of your craft. 

Enhance Soft Skills

It’s crucial to be good at video editing, but a freelance editor should be able to communicate effectively with clients. Building connections and finding common ground with commissioners is a must for a successful freelance business. Moreover, you should possess stress management and problem-solving skills to manage various issues along the way. It’s vital for a freelancer to be proactive and organize their time to manage all tasks properly on time. A video editor should be attentive to details to create high-quality video content meeting all clients’ requirements. 

Prepare the Right Equipment 

Top-quality video editing tools play a crucial role in successful task performance. You will complete better quality projects by spending less time editing videos. So in order to start your career as a video editor, make sure you have a powerful computer, good CPU or GPU rendering capabilities, external hard drives, high-quality headphones and camera, and sound recording tools. The most important thing is video editing software that should have plenty of editing features, a user-friendly interface, positive reviews, and a reasonable price. With the right program, you will perform different tasks: combine Avi files, mix audio, adjust color and exposure, and more. 

Apply for Internships

Do not miss any opportunity to enrich your knowledge and improve your skills. Applying for different internships is your chance to start a video editing career. Very often, it’s unpaid but what you get is more precious than money. Knowledge and connections will benefit you in the long run. Performing various tasks under the guidance of specialists and learning essential things for free are only a few of the many advantages you will get from internships. 

Build Your Profile

The Internet provides lots of possibilities for video editors like forums, groups, and platforms. There are many great work marketplaces for building online profiles and finding clients. Fiverr and Upwork are popular gig companies where any freelance worker can showcase their bibliographies and project samples. Learn from profiles of professional video editors and build your solid online presence. Do not forget about LinkedIn, as this platform suggests many resources for finding freelance gigs.

Start Your Business

Building your brand is not fast and easy, but hard work and these effective tips will help you turn your endeavor into a successful business. In order to start a video editing business from scratch, there are several simple steps to follow. Make your website with WordPress to showcase your best projects. Then create your company name and promote your services via social media. It’ll be great to start an official LLC to organize your revenue and expenses.


There’s nothing challenging in starting your freelance video editing career with these simple steps. Believe in yourself, do not stop learning, and be ready to put in hard work. We wish you all the best in this field and hope you will become a successful self-employed video editor with incredible projects and a rich portfolio.

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