How to become Romanian citizen without wasting your time on unnecessary and inappropriate steps? Public Investments Solutions is eager to provide immigrants with such a support, so they can have time for their own matters. How to become a Romanian citizen within a year? How will the lawyers assist you? What information do reviews on Public Investments Solutions show us? Answers on those questions you may find below.

Reviews from the clients on

Reviews on the Internet are a main source, that can show people a real picture about some companies, experts or procedures. Public Investments Solutions has many reviews, and it is not surprising that people entrusted their cases to this company. According to the reviews, the PIS offers complete confidentiality, individual approach, communication with a civil servant, etc.

Public Investments Solutions reviews

Public Investments Solutions reviews


Moreover, the reviews prove, that the lawyers work in accordance with the signed agreement, power of attorney, Romanian law and European law in general.

Company’s brief overview

Public Investments Solutions has been working in international migration field for many years, thus can guarantee its clients professional support. The team of experts is staffed in such a way that the company takes care of all the process management, submission, translation and notarization of documents. Long story short, company provides clients with complete support, and the applicant needs just to follow the Public Investments Solutions pieces of advice (analyzing the reviews from the customers are showed below).

Amongst all the immigration procedures, Public Investments Solutions helps with repatriation, and the reasons for that are:

  • Quick registration process;
  • Short list of needed documentation;
  • Avoiding a complex exam on knowledge of history, culture, language, etc;
  • Possibility to save the current passport;
  • No need to be involved in all the processes, some of the procedures can be handled on the applicant’s behalf.

Also, not all of the countries suggest repatriation. The states where Public Investments Solutions helps to relocate to or just obtain their documents are mentioned below.

Public Investments Solutions reviews. Review of the official website

Registration of Romanian citizenship with PIS

As it was mentioned in overview and reviews, can help its clients register a Romanian passport within a year. The steps, people are to pass and the nuances of each you may learn below:

  1. Collecting the papers. Sometimes it happens, that an applicant has lost some of the papers, or needs to translate the documents into Romanian. All these issues are dealt with by the company’s lawyers. They will also notarize the dossier;
  2. Submission procedure. Experts sign up the applicant for passing that step. However, to simplify the process, the lawyers can submit the papers to the Ministry of Justice on the client’s behalf;
  3. Taking the oath. When the dossier is verified by the authorities, and the dosar is issued, the lawyers sign up customer for the oath-taking ceremony. In this case, the clients have to take an oath and, if the procedure runs smoothly, they will receive a citizenship certificate.

ID-card and international passport can be registered in a few days after obtaining citizenship certificate.

H2 Conclusion about

Obtaining EU passport can be a simple and at the same time challenging process. In case people are well-informed in European legislation, and in the requirements for the applicants, they can register Romanian passport by themselves, as the reviews show. Nevertheless, immigrants, who cannot handle the bureaucratic issues, process management, etc on their own, should ask for the Public Investments Solutions’ support. The reviews on show us a great reputation of that immigration company. We are sure that people all around the world should consider cooperation with them.