Paytm Tain Ticket BookingPaytm Tain Ticket Booking

Indian Railways has presented another “Plan My Journey” office on the IRCTC site, you can sing up for IRCTC new account for the same. Tap on it, on the upper left half of the screen after you’ve signed in.
In this article, we will be learning how to Book Train Ticket online via IRCTC website, and a brief introduction on IRCTC will also be provided.

By Paytm Book Train Ticket
By Paytm Book Train Ticket

The process of booking a railway ticket via IRCTC account is as follows –

  1. Enter the details of the station you need to leave from, the station you need to movement to, and your adventure date
  2. On the off chance that there are no trains running straightforwardly between the stations you’ve chosen, you’ll get a blunder message and should attempt some extraordinary station names. Else, you’ll be given a list of trains. Trains can be refined by sort and class of movement
  3. Select the coveted prepare and class you wish to movement by (and amount if important), and check the accessibility of beds. You can likewise observe the prepare charge.
  4. In the event that there’s no accessibility on your specific prepare, it will appear as Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) or Waitlist (WL). On the off chance that the status is RAC, you can in any case book a ticket and you’ll be given a seat on the prepare, however not really a bed except if there are sufficient cancellations


Different Situations When a Railway Ticket is booked is also explained in this article-


  1. In the event that you book a Waitlist ticket, you won’t be permitted to load up the prepare except if there are sufficient cancellations for a seat or bed to wind up accessible.
  2. Once you’ve discovered a reasonable prepare to movement on, tap on the “Book Now” option under “Accessibility”. You will be taken to the ticket reservation page, with the details of the prepare you chose consequently gave. Fill in the traveler details, and make installment.
  3. A comparative procedure can be done, without expecting to sign in, on the Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Inquiry site. Tap on “Seat Availability” at the highest point of the screen.


How to Make Railway Reservation Over The Counter?


  1. An Indian Railways Trains at a Glance timetable is accessible to help you, despite the fact that it requires a considerable amount of exploring! Once you’ve discovered an appropriate prepare to movement on, make note of its name and number.
  2. All reservations, made both over the counter and on the web, are assigned a 10 digit PNR number. In the event that you have a RAC or WL ticket, you can check the status of it on the IRCTC site by tapping on “Check PNR Status” under “Enquiries”, and after that entering your PNR number
  3. Cancellations happen regularly, especially in the 24 hours up to takeoff. In case you’re waitlisted, you’ll have the most obvious opportunity with regards to getting a bed in sleeper class as the dominant part of beds (and along these lines cancellations) are in this class. Discover: Will Your Indian Railways Waitlist Ticket Be Confirmed?


IRCTC Closing and Opening Time –


The IRCTC site is shut for support every day from 11.45 p.m. until 12.20 a.m. IST. Administrations are inaccessible amid this time.

The “Brisk Book” option is debilitated from 8 a.m. to twelve. Pick “Ticket Booking” under “Administrations” rather amid this time.

Bookings ought to be made as far ahead of time as could be expected under the circumstances (up to 120 days before flight), particularly amid the busiest voyaging times. Else, you’ll should be set up to be adaptable about your movement dates and times, and class of accommodation. You may even wind up on the waitlist, as request enormously surpasses supply.


IRCTC for now is the only way to book railway tickets both offline and online, there might be other third party providers who mediate the same. For low prices and zero convenience fee, you may checkout IRCTC website or in any railway station directly.


Final Words-


In this article, we have talked about IRCTC website, how to book railway ticket online and over the Counter, a brief introduction on IRCTC, and different situations in which a railway ticket can be booked, and much more.


Thank you for reading this article and let us know via comments section if we have missed out on anything.


The post is in no way sponsored by IRCTC and it’s team.


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