buying a boat online

Are you planning for buying a boat online? Have you decided that it is time you own a boat?
Here is a guide to help you buy on Zeboats.

Zeboats is a certified online platform. The website has a very straightforward interface to help buyers glide easily through their search.

Zeboats have an inventory of thousands of boat varieties. You can choose from a wide selection of used and new boats. Verified sellers sell the boats and put up a listing of their boats and their images. If you come across a boat that you may be interested in, you can contact the seller, get more information, and decide what to do next.

While searching for a boat, the website provides filters. Enter a boat type you want to find, streamline your preference based on the price range and the boat’s location.
You can also check out popular searches that are listed on the website page.

Here is a guide to buying a boat online for the absolute beginner:

  • If it is your first time buying a boat online, you should get a good deal of research done. The first step is to decide the features you want in your boat:

How many people will it seat?

How long will your boating sessions be?

What kind of activities will you engage in?

Are you interested in buying boats, mainly for fishing? Do you want a boat to enjoy the season of sports in the summer? Are you looking for a vessel with accommodation? Do you prefer long-distance cruising?

Also, what is your budget?

Where will you store your boat?

And your speed need.

Also, consider transporting charges if you are buying a boat online from another city or port.

  • Getting a broker is ideal. First, take the time to find a good and experienced broker. Research and then hire the broker. A trusted and reliable broker will help you filter through your choices and offer suggestions to help you decide. You can get the upsides and downsides of the boats you are considering. You can weigh the information your broker has given. A broker will make things easier for you and streamline your choice better.
  • If you find a potential boat, ask for its service history. It will give you information about the repairs done in the past. The record will also let you know if there have been any major repairs in the past. If a seller does not have the records, there is a probability that the boat was not well cared for. Sometimes, sellers may not record their service history if they are new owners who do not see the importance of servicing and do not know much about maintenance.
  • Check if a trailer is available with the boat. Trailers are necessary for transporting boats easily, especially if you plan to take your boat to other beaches and if your storage space is not near the shore.
  • An experienced broker who has been in the field for some time may have the contacts to good surveyors. Trusted and reliable surveyors are often in demand, and it may not be easy to get their service. So, it does one good to have a broker who has useful contacts in the field. Once you have found the boat that fits your criteria the most, you can survey the vessel with the surveyor.
  • Brokers also help in negotiating prices in case the need arises. Sometimes, some flaws on the boat that was not listed by the seller may turn up. Brokers deal with such situations and know boat prices. The broker can talk and negotiate with the seller and make your boat buying experience much simpler.
  • Arrange a viewing for a boat that interests you. It is a good idea to have a marine surveyor look up the boat for you. The surveyor can point out the upsides and downsides of buying the boat. You can go through the survey result and decide if you want the boat.
  • If you are serious about buying a boat, it is a good idea to leave a small deposit with the seller. Buyers usually do this to prevent the selling of the boat under them. The deposit is refunded if the results of a personal survey turn out to be unsatisfactory. If you still want to buy the boat after an unsatisfying survey result, you can negotiate the price according to the flawed level.
  • Seal the deal and ensure that all the paperwork is right. A broker will help you finish the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth sale.

After buying a boat online business is over, it is time to take your boat home.

If you do not have a storage space at home, you need to find a place to keep your boat between boating sessions and for long periods. You can store your boats outside by covering your boat with a durable cover material or by putting up a tarpaulin.

You can also rent a storage unit to keep your boat when it is not in use.

As a boat owner, it is important to know how to take care of your boat. Check out the guide to boat maintenance to get some tips on keeping your boat running smooth and safe.

If you are not sure which boat you need, read here the guide to types of boats.  

Enjoy cruising and create memories with your boat!