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The thing about a Jeep is, it’s more than happy to go … wherever. Whether navigating a twisty trail or ferrying you about town, Jeeps aim to please – and they do. Jeep is one of the most heralded and recognized brands in the world. So, it’s no wonder that you’re looking to pick one up. But do you know what to consider when buying a Jeep? Here’s how to buy a Jeep the right way, including how to get an even sweeter deal.- Buy a Jeep 

Consider Upkeep

Maintenance should always be top of mind when mulling any vehicle purchase. But Jeeps are generally brawny, solid vehicles that can take a beating and, largely because they share or use similar parts and accessories across the model lineup, are simpler to repair and upgrade. Still, there’s a lot of technology available among builds. Consider what you want and may not need.  

Consider Reputation

Largely owing to Jeep’s rep of durability and world-class toughness, Jeep models tend to hold their value more than many. What with Jeep’s superior off-road capabilities, people are often willing to pay a less-reduced price, compared to the competition.

Consider How May Doors You’ll Need  

At some point, especially if you’re sold on a Wrangler, you’re going to have to think about how many doors you want or need. Family types are more apt to get a four-door, while two-door iterations are more associated with a bit more adventure. There’s plenty of middle ground here, too.

Keep in mind that four-door models have protracted wheelbases, meaning they’re more stable on steep hills. However, a lift may be in order since the undercarriage will be right down there close to trails. On the other hand, if trunk space is important to you, a four-door may be your best bet.

Having said that, because they’re smaller, two-doors are nimbler and better at going through and around tight spaces. Also, because they’re lighter, they’re easier to tow, if necessary, and can clear challenging areas easier.

Consider Price Options

Lucky for you, Jeep has something for almost every budget, depending on your lifestyle. Especially if you aren’t that familiar with it, be sure to check out the Jeep lineup, trim levels, and standard and optional features before making your final call. You may find an offering you weren’t aware of that suits your wallet plus other requirements.

One great way to get an even better price is to take adventive of Jeep incentives. Specials are posted regularly, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them before signing the dotted line. There may be something that’s up your alley.

Just what are incentives? Well, they’re discounts automakers offer to lure consumers or to ensure they remain loyal to a brand. At times, manufacturers dangle incentives to spur a sales boost. Right now, for example, returning FCA lessees can get up to $2,000 total cash allowances toward a 2022 Jeep Compass 4X4.

Keep in mind that incentives are typically offered as cash rebates, special leases, or low annual percentage rate financing. At times, car companies will offer additional incentives to certain segments such as military members or recent college grads.

Consider the Wrangler Model

We’re singling out the Jeep Wrangler – the world’s most well-known sport-utility vehicle – since there are so many models and trim options. So, if all you know is that you want a Wrangler, you have some decisions to make. Note that all Jeeps have four-wheel drive and enough clearance capability to render off-roading and getting around in adverse weather a snap.

You’re going to have to choose the number of doors you want, as we’ve mentioned, as well as engine type. Options include the base 3.6-liter V6 plus a turbocharged in-line hybrid 2.0-liter powerplant.

Amid all that are other decisions regarding packages and options, so that you can build the Wrangler that’s right for you.

In summary, how to buy a Jeep the right way means knowing your wants and needs, and being mindful of price points, maintenance, size, resale value, and options. It also means knowing about Jeep incentives and rebates, which could prospectively save you thousands of dollars.

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