How to Buy Glasses

The very idea of buying glasses online can be a little scary, especially if you aren’t technology-savvy. If you’re trapped at home and want to purchase your first pair of glasses online, SmartBuyGlasses is the place to go. The best part is that you can virtual try on glasses before you make your purchase, think How to Buy Glasses.

If you’ve always bought your glasses via an eye doctor or an optical store, this six-step tutorial will help you understand how to buy glasses and how the internet ordering procedure works.

Step #1: Get Your Prescription

The first step is to get your prescription.

You will need a current prescription for glasses before you can purchase glasses online. Your prescription was most likely stored in a desk drawer or folder. 

You are ready to start looking for eyeglasses on the internet after you have your prescription, as well as a measurement of your pupillary distance (PD).

In case your prescription has run out, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor for a full eye check.

Step #2: Choose an Online Store- How to Buy Glasses

Compare several online stores until you locate the one that best suits your requirements. Check online for customer reviews, then take a quick look at the frame selection and cost range for each site to determine whether they accept your vision insurance.

If a merchant refuses to accept your insurance, you may always ask for an invoice and send it to your insurer for reimbursement. Just keep in mind that this will require more effort and time on your side. In addition, you may not get as much coverage as if you went to an in-network carrier.

Step #3: Locate the Ideal Frames

Create your own checklist before you get too far in your search. 

Face Form

Is your face heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, oval-shaped, or round-shaped? 

Favorite Frames

What frame style do you prefer: rimless, cat eyes, or horn rims? Do you like classic black frames or more vibrant blue ones? 

What frame materials are you looking for—eco-friendly, wire rims, or plastic options? What are the dimensions of your present glasses frame?

What Is Your Financial Plan? 

Make a list of how much you wish to spend on your frames and lenses. You can sort frames by price at several online vendors. You’re ready to go frame shopping with your checklist in hand. 

When you find a pair you like, take a picture of yourself wearing them to virtually test them on.

Step #4: Decide On the Lenses You Want To Use

You’ll input your eyeglass pupillary distance and prescription when you’ve discovered your right frames. On certain sites, you can do this in the checkout process. This guarantees that you get lenses that let you to see properly at both close and vast distances.

Choose from a variety of lens modifications and upgrades, including blue light filtering, anti-scratch coating, and photochromic (transition) lenses that darken when they’re exposed to light.

Step #5: Take a Look at the Return Policy

There is always the possibility that you will purchase glasses online and then have to return them for whatever reason.

It’s a good idea to check the small print on product warranties, and exchange or return policies to be sure you’re either protected or know what to expect if anything goes wrong.

Step #6: Finish Your Purchase

It’s time to finalize your purchase. After you’ve chosen your ideal frames, enter your prescription, add your preferred lens coatings or upgrades, and double-check the warranty and return policy of your online merchant. When do you wish to get your new sunglasses or glasses?

Have you looked at the online merchant’s discounts and coupons website—as well as their eyewear offers page, where you can save on glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses? You will frequently be able to use a discount code to save—and in some cases, slash—the price of the glasses in your shopping basket.

Complete your purchase once you’ve chosen your glasses and applied any discounts. Feel free to perform a joyful dance of your own. In a few days or weeks, your glasses should arrive.

Visit SmartBuyGlasses for quality glasses that meet your specific needs and match your personality and style. We also guarantee quick delivery of your purchases.

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