Draft Beer Kegerator Tower

The art of drafting beer has its peculiarities and nuances. Beer in kegs is a complex mechanism by which cool beer enters the glasses of happy customers. As a pub or bar owner, you should pay attention to the beer tower, because this part of the beer dispensing system is visible to customers and should look not only clean but also stylish. In our article for Draft Beer Kegerator Tower, we will help you decide on a beer tower.

What Is a Draft Beer Kegerator Tower?

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of beer tower. After all, it is the part of beer equipment that is in full view of consumers. And if the quality of this tower for the bottling system is important to the owner of the pub or bar, the guest foremost will appreciate the appearance. Beer column (or beer tower) – the basis for the reliable attachment of beer taps for pouring beer into glasses. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of options, the choice is limited only by the preferences of the customer and the amount of money he is willing to spend on the purchase. Next, let’s break down the different types. 

Draft Beer Kegerator Towers Types and Options

Talking about draft beer kegerator towers,  they can be in form of traditional round columns and towers, G or T-shaped. In addition, it is possible to find exclusive beer columns, both in usual forms and in the form of musical instruments, flowers, or even animals. The style of the products can be different – from European classics to modern industrial.

What options do you have? 

  1. Ceramic beer towers.
  2. Cylinder towers.
  3. T and T-Box towers.
  4. Elbow towers.
  5. Wall-mount beer towers.
  6. Pass-thru towers.
  7. Undercounter beer towers.

It is proven that the appearance of beer columns affects the visitor’s impression of the taste and quality of beer and the place as such. Therefore, those who choose aesthetic and non-standard options always win.