Apple manufactures some fascinating devices, and one of them is the MacBook. Most people wish to have it but don’t know how to take proper care of it. You need to shell out a large amount for buying a MacBook, like any other Apple device, so it becomes necessary to take utmost care. It holds good, especially for the MacBook screen. Apple’s retina screens are pretty attractive, and the mini-LED display of the new MacBook Pros is worth dying for.

Let’s come to the point and know about how to clean MacBook screen? Cleaning a MacBook screen does not require any particular skill, but yes, it’s necessary to clean it regularly to keep its beauty intact. When it comes to cleaning a MacBook screen, it is essential to know about the dos and don’ts. The don’ts are equally important as the dos while cleaning a MacBook screen.

Before we start the tips on cleaning the MacBook screen, we should know what to avoid. So let’s discuss them before.

Mistakes to avoid

If you are using any material for cleaning the screen, it shouldn’t be abrasive. For instance, a paper napkin, a cloth towel, or a scouring pad are materials that may be soft for you to touch, but they have enough potential to damage the MacBook screen permanently. So avoid using them. Don’t spray any liquid cleaner directly onto the MacBook Screen, as it can harm the screen. Also, don’t use too much liquid. Lastly, don’t try to mess with the ports. They are delicate and have to be taken special care of while cleaning the MacBook.

Keeping in mind the above simple tips, we can now move on to how to clean MacBook screen.

The traditional Method

It’s the simplest yet most effective way of cleaning the MacBook or any other laptop Screen. It is cheap and gets the work done satisfactorily. However, before you start cleaning the screen, it is very important to switch off the power first. Next, use a lint-free cloth or microfiber and gently rub the screen in a circular motion. Circular motion helps to pick up dust and dirt easily. Don’t wipe because it might damage the outer coating of the screen and leave scratches on it.

Once you remove the dirt with a dry cloth, dampen the cloth with distilled water or a liquid cleaner and gently rub the spots. Use a circular motion for this process also, and also make sure that the cloth isn’t over wet. After removing the spots, take another dry cloth and make the screen dry.

You can make your MacBook screen free from dirt, dust, and spots following these simple steps.

The Modern Method

If you want to clean your MacBook screen quickly, you should use special liquid available for the LED screens. They are available in spray bottles and are easy to use. Use a microfiber or a lint-free cloth and damp it with a special spray. If the MacBook screen is dirty, it may take two to three rounds of cleaning, but if you are regularly cleaning your screen, it will be done in just one round. Remember not to spray the cleaner directly on the screen, or overwet the cleaning cloth.

The Advanced Method

The methods mentioned above are the regular ways of cleaning the MacBook screen. There is an official route of cleaning the MacBook screen sanctioned by Apple. Apple has its microfibre polishing cloth which costs the users $20. If you are a real Apple fan, you must follow this way of cleaning your MacBook screen. If you can spend so much on your Apple device, buying a branded polishing cloth wouldn’t be too much. After all, Apple recommends this branded cleaning cloth for cleaning the MacBook screen because it’s non-abrasive and soft.

Suggestions by Apple on How to clean MacBook screen

The most common problem faced by MacBook users is a patina of oily fingerprints on the screen. The users often ask how to clean MacBook screen, especially when there are oily stains and fingerprints. These stains and fingerprints can hamper the look of your otherwise attractive MacBook or any other Apple device. There can be difficulty viewing the screen due to oily stains, particularly in strong light. Apple suggests its users always use a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning the screen. The latest MacBook Pro computers are shipped with a microfibre cloth for cleaning the screen. However, if you have an old MacBook, we have a few simple tips and suggestions for cleaning the screen, especially greasy fingerprints stains.

Always use a branded liquid for cleaning the display of the MacBook screens. Don’t go for a local solution (there are many fake products available in the market. Do a bit of research work and always buy the branded cleaning solution. A local product could permanently damage the MacBook screen, which you would certainly not want. Always remember to shut down the device and clean it, shutting down can save any kind of mishap. Also, always clean the outer case and the screen and never touch the port. It can lead to moisture entry, inside the port. So always take care while using a damp cloth that there is no entry of moisture in the ports or any other opening of the MacBook. Also, the cleaning cloth must be just damp, not wet while cleaning.

Always be gentle on your MacBook just like you are on your skin. Rub or wipe your screen with gentle strokes using a circular motion, without applying pressure. The tough oily fingerprints may take a few more strokes for cleaning, but the intensity should remain gentle. Being harsh on the MacBook screen won’t remove the stain instead, it might damage the MacBook screen permanently.

Those fond of Apple products will always take care of them because they know their value. They are expensive and have to be handled gently and with utmost care. Next time, if anyone asks us how to clean MacBook screen, we can give them these tips.

By Swati