You might know that Melasma is one of the most common skin disorders. As per some reports, anyone can have this disorder in their life. And there are so many varieties as well. We have seen many people look for the ‘how to cure Melasma from the inside’ guide on the internet. 

If you are one of them, you are in the right place. The best part is, you can cure this disorder by following some steps. In fact, you can do it by changing your daily food habits. We researched and found some top solutions to cure this disorder.

In this article, we will share these solutions to cure Melasma from the inside. Moreover, we will share the basics of this disorder as well. Before you try something, make sure you read each point carefully. Let’s get started. 

What is Melasma?

As we noted before, Melasma is a common skin disorder. As per some experts, this disorder is a sign of pregnancy as it happens due to the change of hormones. However, anybody can have Melasma. 

Well, this disorder isn’t that harmful. But it can affect your lifestyle. There are several treatments available for Melasma. However, you can also cure it by yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of time. 

Just follow some basic steps, and you can completely get over it. The best part is none of these methods are harmful. They are more about changing your lifestyle.

How to Cure Melasma

It’s very essential to know about the causes before you start with the curing process. In the following list, we have handpicked some easy methods how to cure Melasma from the inside. You can easily get over this skin disorder by following these steps. Let’s find out:

1. Reduce Stress

According to some reports, stress can be a major factor in this skin disorder. You might know that stress promotes cortisol and it increases the amount of melanin. Well, there’s no official evidence that this method can be effective for this.

Still, you can try this one by doing several activities such as maintaining a regular routine, practicing meditation, learning relaxation training, working, eating a balanced diet, developing a positive attitude, and more.

2. Improve Mental Health

Well, reducing stress isn’t the only thing that can help you fight Melasma. In this case, you have to take care of other mental health issues as well. As we noted before, you don’t need to work hard to cure this disorder.

That’s why you have to do those things that make you happy. And it will help you improve your mental health. In short, it’s one of the best ways when you are finding the methods to how to cure Melasma from the inside

3. Enhance Diet

Diet is a big factor when you are serious about curing Melasma. No matter which process you choose, a good diet can solve a lot of problems, especially when it’s a skin disorder.

Make sure you maintain a balanced diet that includes the properties of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Retinoids, and Carotenoids. These properties can improve your skin melasma. On the other hand, don’t forget to consume the right amount of water as well.

4. More Rest

Besides maintaining a balanced diet and reducing stress, you have to increase your resting time. As per some reports, lack of rest can be the key reason for Melasma. Both physical rest and sleep are essential in this case. 

To do this, you have to follow a proper routine. It will take some time but you can get effective results. Make sure you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. It will help you improve the quality of sleep.

5. Balance Hormones

As we mentioned, many women can develop Melasma during pregnancy. And it happens due to a hormonal imbalance during this phase. In this case, you can’t do something. All you have to do is maintain a proper diet and reduce stress to keep your hormones in balance.

Many doctors advise women to wait until the baby is born. The best part is that Melasma during pregnancy corrects itself. So, you don’t have to try hard. It will be cured a few months after your baby is born.

6. Liver Support

You see, your liver can play a crucial role to cure this disorder. You might know that the liver is responsible for regulating hormone levels. So, when you maintain a healthy liver, it can solve a lot of issues. 

On the other hand, you also have to prevent liver disease. In this case, follow a balanced diet and avoid toxins in your food. You also have to avoid alcohol.

how to cure Melasma from the inside

Potential causes of Melasma

Knowing how to cure Melasma from the inside guide is not enough, you have to know the causes of Melasma. As we noted before, it can happen due to changes in hormones. However, the exact cause of Melasma is still unknown.

As per experts, it happens due to the activity of melanocytes accelerates. These cells are responsible for skin color. When the production of these cells is too much, it can be the cause of Melasma.

Even though anyone can develop this disorder, it’s very common among young women. Another report says that this skin disorder is linked to progesterone and estrogen. That’s the reason this disorder is very common among pregnant women.

Well, pregnancy isn’t the only reason you can have Melasma. Besides the change of hormones, there are some common causes that are responsible for Melasma. These causes are:

  • Family history
  • Dark skin tone
  • Sun exposure
  • Taking certain medicines that increase skin activity


Finally, you know how to cure Melasma from the inside. If you are being careful, you can prevent this skin disorder. Still, if you get Melasma, it’s not that hard to cure. You have to change your lifestyle in this case. Well, if these methods aren’t working, you can seek professional help. There are some good treatments available for this skin disorder.

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