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Fake snus is more common on the market than you might expect. Instead of natural Swedish snus, you can accidentally buy imitations of it. And it will be very different from the original, which is practically impossible when choosing snus online. Therefore, it is essential to know which actual product to issue a refund. – Original Snus

What is the Difference between Fake and Original?

It would seem, what is the problem if the fake is of high quality? You may not even notice the difference! But pay less than you would pay if you bought the original. But in fact, there are no high-quality fakes of snus. Fake snus has the following characteristics: 

  1. Does not correspond to the declared strength. It can be too strong or, on the contrary, unprecedentedly weak. Fake snus will always have a different effect than advertised.
  2. Cheap flavors. They will have a chemical aftertaste and smell unpleasant. In some cases, even an awful taste is so that users almost do not feel it.
  3. Low-quality tobacco. Tobacco for counterfeit snus is not processed correctly, and the quality of raw materials is low. The creators of fakes do not adhere to any standards. Snus can be harsh, with an unpleasant pungent odor, and cause profuse salivation.
  4. Poor quality packaging. If you bought fake bagged snus, the bags might fall apart during use, and all the fillers will spread in your mouth.

These are the most common problems that fake snus has. Therefore, we insist: choose only original snus.

What is Essential when Establishing Difference?

How to check snus for originality is quite simple. The creators of fakes are not inclined to do their job well – and this plays into the hands of users. Pay attention to the following factors. 

Fonts, Names, Print

The creators of non-original products do not particularly bother. Their pucks may have a misspelling in the name, and the flavor of the snus may be completely missing. May use similar but different fonts. If you suspect that you have a fake, find a photo of the original washers, for example, on our website and compare them visually. A fake will most likely have striking differences. For example, the name Oden is often mistaken. The original name is written with an apostrophe, and the counterfeit will often be “Odens.”

Puck Quality

The quality of the original washers is dense and reliable plastic. The packaging is hermetically sealed. Often under the lid, there is a compartment for used nicotine pads. The print on the puck is dense and reliable, does not scratch at the slightest touch, and does not peel off. If the puck is thin, like paper plastic, and the paint “peels off” after the snus has been lying in your pocket for 10 minutes, you are dealing with a fake.

Date, month, year

If you are buying foreign rather than Russian snus, the release date will be written in this order:

  • year.
  • month.
  • number.

If the date is written DD / MM / YY in a Russian manner, this is a fake.

How to Distinguish a Fake from Individual Manufacturers?

Not all companies have their chips that help to recognize a fake. But some of them have. Here you can find the list of the most objective indicators. 

Snus Lyft

There is a texture triangle on the original puck. It’s easy to spot: swipe your finger across the back sticker near the red diamond. If there is no triangle, this is not the original Lyft.


Some types of snus have a QR code. If you consider it your smartphone, you will be taken to the manufacturer’s website. If the code was not considered, questions should arise.


If you have tried a specific flavor, you’ll always recognize it among the others. For instance, if you ordered cola-taste snus online and have used it before, it will be easy to distinguish it from the fake product with the same taste. Always consider the sensitivity of your taste receptors if you want to use original products. 

To Sum Up 

Overall, it’s essential to know if you are using an original product. The fakes may include chemicals and unnatural ingredients, which may spoil the taste and harm health. Consider the listed rules to know if you are using the original product.

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