The internet has been an essential part of our lives ever since its creation. The major reason behind this is its numerous benefits and applications through which it has seamlessly integrated into different walks of life. The prices and footprint of the internet have also grown considerably in the past couple of years due to technological advancements, which have also played a big role in its immense popularity and usability. The cost-effectiveness of the internet can be witnessed by just looking at Cox internet packages, which are ideal for satisfying the connectivity needs of an average household. One can clearly see how cost-effective the internet has become today, even in the case of higher speeds and packages. Today, the internet is serving humanity in countless walks of life. One of these is that it allows them to earn their bread and butter through it. Here we are going to talk about some significant means through which the internet is allowing people to earn money online.  

Means to Earn Online

We have already established the countless benefits that the internet has graced upon humanity. Especially during the pandemic, the internet was the sole backbone behind the world’s infrastructure, enabling people to work from home and take online classes. Plus, the remarkable means of communication delivered by the internet are a feat of their own. 

However, the internet is also rapidly becoming a platform on which people are earning their bread and butter, and we are not talking about means like work from home because in that you are actually working for your organization just over the internet. In this piece, we are going to talk about how not only can you earn good online, but also break the shackles of a 9-to-5 routine of a traditional office and become your own boss. Here are a few unconventional ideas to earn online that are rapidly gaining momentum.   

The e-Sports Industry

Who would’ve thought that playing games could make you money? Yes, this was true back in the day, but in the past couple of years, we have seen a surge of competitive online games. Due to this increase in the competitive multiplayer landscape, there has been a whole new industry established, which is called e-Sports. In e-Sports, individuals or teams compete against each other in various multiplayer games that generate an audience of millions. Now, even big brands sponsor and organize these events with the prize money being several million dollars. 

Gaming has become a proper sport for which countless hours of training are spent to become good at a game and has become a career that individuals passionately pursue. The estimated earnings of the biggest e-Sport gamer N0tail stands at $7 million. This figure is enough to prove how well-paying and thriving the e-Sports industry has become, and the only thing that you need to start your e-Sports career is just a good gaming rig, an internet connection, and some gaming skills.


The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking about online earnings is freelancing because the freelancing industry has been on the rise for quite some time now and has already garnered tremendous popularity among the masses. This is evident from the fact that the most popular freelancing platform, Fiverr, has more than 800k active seller profiles and almost 3.42 million buyers and it generated 699.3 million in gross merchandise value in 2020 alone. 

People are now dumping regular 9-to-5 jobs for freelancing platforms like Fiverr and UpWork as it allows them to directly interact and work with clients and get paid for their services without any third-party liaisons and companies. This has allowed people to enjoy a sense of ease as they can work according to their own schedule, terms, and price. Freelancing has been the most popular way of earning online money and it’s the most popular one as well because people only need the internet and their skill to earn from platforms like these.

E-Commerce Platforms 

Just like freelancing E-commerce has been around for a while now as well, and as freelancing can be considered an online job, E-commerce is the alternative to traditional business. E-commerce allows users to sell their products to millions of customers locally or worldwide all through the internet. The internet has made the world a global village, which has, in turn, allowed people to showcase their skills and products to millions of users on the web without any physical effort. 

The business model of E-commerce is pretty simple as a seller displays their products online, whether on their own website or on famous E-commerce platforms, like Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, and many others like that. The customer just looks up a product and selects the desired one from the inventory of the seller and either pays online or on delivery. The seller then packs the desired product and ships the package to the customer and all this occurs over the internet without any physical interaction. This has added convenience for both the customers, who don’t have to go outside to buy stuff and the seller, who saves on the operating cost of setting up a physical business. A good marketing strategy and technology integration through digital transformation are the reasons why the E-commerce industry blew up to $4 billion in 2020.

Streaming and YouTube

Streaming and video content creation is an offshoot of the entertainment industry, which is on a rise nowadays. Streaming platforms like Twitch have become quite popular among young viewers and top Twitch streamers have millions of watchers that pay in the form of online donations to watch these streams. Most of these streams are related to gaming but streamers also stream their daily routines in the form of vlogging. 

Another type of online video entertainment medium is YouTube, which is the biggest video streaming website that has not only provided a free platform of entertainment to users but has also given birth to a new profession called “YouTubing.” This has allowed many independent creators and regular people to create video content and post online and earn from it as well through advertisements in between their videos. The proof of this can be seen in the likes of Pewdiepie who is the biggest individual content creator on the website with more than 100 million subscribers and his estimated net worth is around $40 million, all because of YouTube. 


The benefits of the internet just keep on increasing in terms of applications, popularity, and usage with each passing day as it has helped humanity in multiple avenues. Online earning is just one of the benefits of the internet and even in this field, it has countless options for one to pursue and earn big. Today, the online earning trend has diversified quite a bit and anyone can find an interest or field they can pursue and easily earn big all through the internet.


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