One of the ways that you can improve employee morale and reward your employees is with branded apparel and custom employee kits. Branded apparel and custom employee kits can include a wide range of products, but the common theme among the products is that they have your company name and/or logo on them. This helps to boost brand recognition, build camaraderie among employees, and is a nice incentive for them. Here are a few tricks to help entice your employees with the use of branded apparel and custom employee kits.

Give Something to Newly Onboarded Individuals

One of the ways to win new employees over is by giving them custom employee kits when they first start. You can include a welcome kit that has many items, including branded apparel, cups, or other small knick-knacks. Giving your new employees a welcome gift immediately makes them feel welcomed and valued. This can help create a lasting impression on your new employees. This may help them to work harder or may help to reduce the employee turnover rate naturally.

Reward Employees With Items That They Want

Another way that you can use custom employee kits and branded apparel is to reward your employees. You can create different categories to reward your employees with, including things such as good attendance, top sales awards, and customer service awards. However, as you go about selecting items to reward employees with, keep in mind the type of things that your employees want. Try to find items that are trendy and popular. For example, a branded water bottle or phone charger may be more useful than pens or paperweights.

If You Wouldn’t Wear It, Don’t Buy It For Your Employees

One of the worst things that you can do when you are trying to boost employee morale and satisfaction is to get items that employees do not want. As a general rule of thumb, as you create branded apparel, ask yourself if you would wear it. If it is not something that you would not personally wear yourself, it is likely not something your employees want either. Stick to designs, colors, and patterns that are wearable and that help to represent what your brand is and the qualities it possesses.

Offer Different Products For Different Achievements

One of the most common mistakes that companies make when it comes to rewarding their employees with branded apparel and customer employee kits is making the same products available all the time. Many companies make different items available for different achievements. Or, you may allow your employees to save points to get bigger items. You want to ensure that you always have something bigger and more desirable so employees continue to have something to work hard for and work towards.

Mix It Up With Non-Branded Items

Lastly, while custom items with your company’s name and logo can be fun to receive, employees want something else every now and then. Try to mix up the rewards you offer with some non-branded items. This may include things like gift cards to some of your employees’ favorite coffee shops or restaurants or even cold hard cash. Mixing it up keeps things fresh for your employees while also ensuring they know they can win things outside of company-branded apparel from time to time.

Rewarding or incentivizing your employees using branded apparel and custom employee kits is a win-win for you as a business. You get to increase brand awareness and spread the word about your business using branded items while also helping to ensure your employees feel appreciated and receive items that they want or enjoy using. Find a great distributor who can make custom items that your employees will love.

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