Personal Injury Claim

How to File a Personal Injury Claim in Fort Worth

Personal injury claim are a serious matter. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, it is important to understand the legal options available to you. 

This article will walk through how to file a personal injury claim in Fort Worth.

Visit the Hospital for Check-Up

The first step in filing a personal injury claim is visiting the hospital for a check-up. Make sure to get all of your medical records and bills from the hospital. This will be important documentation to have when you file your claim.

If you are too injured to visit the hospital, make sure that your medical records indicate this. If possible, get a witness who can verify that you could not go in for treatment yourself.

Do Not Discuss Your Claim with Insurance Companies or Lawyers

It is important not to discuss your claim with any insurance companies at all during the claims process. This includes over email and social media sites like Facebook. Anytime someone brings up an injury-related matter, it should be immediately reported. Therefore, no information leaks out until after the court of law finalizes everything. 

You might even consider taking down certain photos on Instagram if they show injuries sustained from accidents recently. Also, avoid letting others talk about their accident experiences in front of you because anything could be taken out of context.

Look for a Professional Attorney

The same goes for talking to lawyers before you have even filed a claim. Many personal injury law firms such as Tate Law Offices offer free consultations. But it is important not to sign any legal documents or agree to representation until you understand the entire process and what could be happening in your case.

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File Your Claim with the Court

Once you have all of your documentation together, you will need to file a formal claim with the court. This can usually be done online and requires filling out some personal information as well as describing what happened in the accident. Ensure that all of your evidence is included–photos, videos, witness testimonies, medical records, etc.–and send it off. You will then receive an official response from the court, letting you know what to expect next.  At you can find all kinds of claim letters for free. These templates are accessible and editable in all versions of Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs.

It is important to be patient throughout the personal injury claims process. It can take a while for everything to get sorted out, but with the right evidence and legal representation, you can win your case and be compensated for your injuries. If you have any questions about how to file a personal injury claim in Fort Worth, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer today. They will help guide you through every step of the way.

Finally, make sure to follow all court proceedings and comply with any requests from the other side. This can be difficult, but it is important for your case to move forward. Keep in mind that an injury attorney plays a key role in every injury-related case; thus, you can’t afford to ignore their guidance.


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