How to Find Top Payout Online Casinos

Since its inception in 1996, the online gambling sphere has slowly become a cluttered and complex landscape where several thousands of gaming operators exist, featuring a seemingly endless collection of games. Hence, it is now a sector that is not easily navigable. The variety it provides has created a problem in that it has made it difficult for gamblers to simply track down the highest-paying sites, ones that boast the best odds.

While many unfamiliar with casino-style entertainment may think that it does not matter what gaming product a person chooses on a casino floor and online, as all of their results get decided randomly, that is not so. Each game has its specificities that create a unique house edge or a mathematical advantage that tilts the winning probability in favor of the operator. So, the top payout casinos are the platforms that feature a collection of games that have a return-to-player percentage that goes above the industry slot average of 96%. That is beneficial for gamblers in that when they choose to enjoy such platforms, the chances of them landing a win are pretty decent.

In what follows, we give you a short guide on locating one of these premium payout sites. Thus, adhering to the steps below ensures that you will never play at an interactive gaming hub where you will lose all your money in a session without getting any back.

1) Look Up Review Sites

Review sites have been around even before the online gambling industry started running affiliate programs. Although most websites that publish analyses of gaming products and casinos make money from marketing gambling platforms, a few legit review sites exist offering unbiased evaluations. They do so while still advertising high-end players in the sector but do not let this affect the opinions they share. According to the most trusted of these hubs, the top 3 online casinos that pay the fastest for US players are Wild Casino, Las Atlantis, and Super Slots. These are terrific choices for players of all experience levels.


It is always wise to check a review from a reliable source before depositing cash with an operator. You do not have to believe everything mentioned in someone else’s report concerning a specific casino. Yet, it is good to read an objective (semi-objective) look before making your choice where you will play

2) Check a Casino’s T&C

An operator’s terms and conditions page is where most casino secrets get shared. It is up to you, as a player, to perform a deep dive into this section at every gambling site and look for any potential pitfalls. Naturally, a quality review should point out some of the main ones, but everyone falls outside the scope of such articles. Consequently, it is a necessity to check the T&C pages of the platforms suggested by premium review hubs. It is there that most operators list the overall pay-out percentage of the games they house.

3) Analyze the Bonus Offered

Bonuses allow you to do some free gambling. What is there not to love about that? If two platforms feature identical payout percentages, then the choice should fall on the one that has the better welcome package. But, the provided amount of free-play funds should not be the sole factor guiding your choice.

In general, bonus stipulations determine the worthiness of a casino promotion. If they are not easily fulfillable, then a deal is worthless. The best way to discover this is to run every registration promo through an expected value calculator. That is free online software. 

4) See What Games a Platform Has

As a rule of thumb, blackjack and video poker are the casino products with the lowest edges. Yes, there may be some slots that boast RTPs of 98% or 99%, but it is super unlikely that you will find more than a couple of such games at an online casino. So, it is advisable to focus on twenty-one or video poker. By default, titles in the first category should have a house edge of 2%. Those in the latter should have one in the neighborhood of 5%.

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That said, optimal strategy will lower the house advantage in most blackjack games to 0.5%, and in video poker titles like Deuces Wild, it may even flip the odds in your favor.

5) Talk to Other Players

An alternative to doing the research above is talking to other players and getting info regarding the top payout casinos. Getting various perspectives on gambling sites is invaluable data because each journey brings new insights. Dozens of people using the same site will encounter different problems and resolutions.

On that account, existing casino users can not only give out a casino’s payout percentage but discuss its overall value as a gaming home.

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