Back hump or neck hump isn’t a new thing. There are many people who experience this condition once in their lifetime. If you have a dowager’s hump, don’t worry. You can get rid of it easily. That’s why we will share how to get rid of neck hump fast in this article.

The good thing is you can get rid of the back hump all by yourself. Sure, in some cases, you might need the help of your doctor. However, it’s not a big deal. As we noted above, we will share the top method to get rid of this physical condition.

Moreover, we will give you some tips to prevent a dowager’s hump from the beginning. So, make sure you read each point carefully. Let’s get started.

Top Ways to Get Rid of Neck Hump

As we noted, there are several ways to get rid of the neck hump. Most people prefer some exercises for this thing. However, you can remove your hump by preventing some basic things and medical treatment. These ways are good when you don’t have time for exercise.


They say prevention is better than cure. That’s why you can prevent a neck hump by following some basic tips. Let’s find out:

  1. Practice Good Posture

Most people who develop a hump don’t practice good posture. If you are doing the same, you can develop a back hump as well. So, you have to prevent it from the beginning by sitting up and standing straight. You have to form a right angle to practice good posture.

  1. Prevent Obesity

Obesity can be one of the top reasons for getting a neck hump. Well, you can prevent it easily. In this case, you have to work hard. If obesity is your problem, make sure you do regular exercise. On the other hand, having a healthy diet is also essential in this case.

Medical Treatment

So how to get rid of neck hump fast? If you don’t have enough time, you can choose medical treatment. Plus, it’s a good option as well. Let’s see what you have to do:

  1. Visit Your Doctor

Many people neglect these issues. However, you can get the best solution from your doctor. If you develop a neck hump, make sure you contact a doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will check your medical history and find the potential causes of this development.

  1. Undergo Diagnostic Tests

The next step is undergoing diagnostic tests if needed. In some cases, things can get worse. However, a doct

or can help you out. It happens if the posture isn’t the cause of your neck hump development. So, your doctor can ask for an X-Ray, MRI, or CT scan.

  1. Prescription Medications

On the other hand, some particular medications can be the cause of hump development. If this is the reason, your doctor will guide you to do the best thing. For example, he can ask you to stop the medication if it’s the cause of your back hump development.

  1. Ask For Surgical Procedures

In some rare cases, a doctor can go with some surgical procedures. It happens if you are in pain. However, the surgery is simple and it will take around 45 minutes. On the other hand, surgery is a good option for getting rid of the hump easily.

How to Get Rid of Neck Hump Fast With Exercise

As we noted before, exercise is the most common way when it comes to how to get rid of neck hump fast. However, you have to be careful with this. In this case, you have to learn the right exercises. In the following list, we will share some easy exercises to get rid of the dowager’s hump.

1. Thoracic Extension

The thoracic extension is one of the best exercises for the neck hump. To do this, you have to take a towel or foam roller. Now, place the roller below your shoulder blade and lie down. Keep it horizontally for at least 10 minutes. You have to use this technique to get the best result.

2. Doorway Rotation

Another good exercise to get rid of the neck hump is doorway rotation. Hence, this one is also useful for other things. To do doorway rotation, you have to stand near a doorway. Make sure you keep your hand flat against the door. Stretch and hold for 20-30 seconds. You have to repeat this exercise at least five times on each side.

3. Pec Doorway Stretch

When we are talking about how to get rid of neck hump fast, pre doorway stretching is another good exercise. Stand facing the doorway and make sure your one foot is in front of the other one. Place your hands on the door and lean forward. You have to keep it for 15-20 minutes. Plus, repeat this exercise 5 times.

4. Supine Chin Tuck

Supine chin tuck is another effective exercise for the neck hump. If you want to do this, first, lie down on your back, Make sure you keep your back straight and lower your chin down. Gently press down your chin and keep doing this for 5-10 minutes. However, you have to be careful while doing this supine chin tuck exercise.

5. I, Y, T, L

A good exercise for your neck hump. You have to start with I; raise your arms and return to the starting position. Next, make the letter ‘Y’ and stretch your chest. Then, you have to do T; here you have to squeeze your shoulder blade together. The final stage is L; open your arms. Keep this exercise for 10-15 times.


You see, a neck hump isn’t a big deal. You can get rid of it by taking the right step. Well, exercise and maintaining a healthy diet are the best ways. However, if things get out of your control, you can seek medical attention. For exercise, you can also contact an expert.

By Swati