SEO services are all the rage these days, especially with search engines rolling out artificial intelligence (AI) features to help further enhance search experiences. If you’re trying to run a successful marketing company in today’s environment, you need to be offering SEO services. 

But that’s not always easy to do in-house. It can be expensive to recruit people, pay them, and keep them trained in up-to-date tools and best practices. 

There’s another solution: using a white label SEO agency. With white label SEO, you can outsource some or all of your clients’ SEO work to an agency that specializes in just that. They’ll have the manpower and the skills to put your clients’ campaigns together quickly and start getting your clients results fast. Start by talking to some agencies to get a feel of who will be the best fit for your clients’ needs. Ask the right questions so you can rule out any agencies that might rely on unethical practices. Investigate company track records, and once you do hire an agency, keep communication open. 

Talk to White Label Agencies

The relationship between a marketing firm and a white label SEO agency is a deeply interconnected one. While you do have to give up control of your SEO tasks to the white label agency, you still depend on them to do a good job for the client – if they botch the campaign, it’s your logo on the deliverables. So you shouldn’t contract with a white label SEO agency until you have talked to them. Talking to someone at the agency on the phone and in person gives you a chance to ask the right questions about the firm and the processes they use, and judge their honesty and transparency in responding.

Ask the Right Questions

There are so many questions you could ask when considering hiring a white label SEO agency. Start by asking about the agency’s experience and specialties. How long have they been doing SEO work and what aspects of the work do they do particularly well? You’re ideally looking for an agency that has many years of experience and a staff large and skilled enough to provide deep expertise in all areas of an SEO campaign. 

You should ask what processes and strategies the agency uses to boost website rankings – this can help you flag whether an agency uses unethical black hat practices or not. You can ask what tools they use, if you’re familiar with the most commonly used SEO tools. You should ask for transparency into how projects are managed and how customer service is handled. You can also ask if the white label agency has the ability to handle your volume of work, as well as how and how often they’ll communicate with you. 

Look at Companies’ Track Records

The best way to tell whether a white label SEO agency is any good is to look at their track record. If they’ve been in business for a long time and can provide lots of references from happy customers, then they’ll probably be able to meet your clients’ needs. In addition to references from previous clients, you should also ask for case studies to help you understand how previous SEO campaigns they put together worked and how successful they were. You can even look for positive reviews on sites like Trustpilot, Google Business Profiles, TrustRadius or G2.

Set Expectations

When you enter into a relationship with a white label SEO company, it’s important to set clear expectations at the outset. Make sure you nail down pricing and outline the parameters of the relationship. For example, if you have an SEO person on staff who wants to do some of the work, you should lay out which tasks the white label agency will be responsible for. Set deadlines and expectations for communication and progress reports.

Keep Communication Flowing

A breakdown in communication can really sour a business relationship. Once you do hire a white label SEO agency, it’s important to keep communication strong. Of course, they’re going to assume total control of whatever SEO services you hire them for, but you’ll want regular progress updates and to provide a forum for anything that comes up to be addressed. You should set an expectation that meetings will occur at regular intervals and specify other means of communication for use between meetings. 

White label SEO is an easy way to give your customers more services – and make a little profit while you’re at it. Choose the right agency, and you could be working together for many years to come!