classic home interior design

A classic home décor style is timeless and relevant in every trend. Often called the traditional style, it’s known for its balance, quality and airy feel. It incorporates a broad range of styles that are unique to the person who is designing the place. From artistic to vignette, classic home interior designs can take up any form. The key to a traditional timeless design is not making it very fancy and referencing history throughout the space. Here is a list of ideas you can use to have that classic home interior design. When creating your classic home design if you want something custom make check out Apex Metal Signs.  

Create that balance

One of the best ways to create symmetry in your space is to match the right to the left. For example, placing the similar sofa sets facing each other with a table in the middle or to have one long sofa with identical armchairs or single sofas on each side, facing either in the same direction or looking to the focal point. The key here is the placement of the furniture and the various décor pieces. Most classic pieces can be identified by well-made furniture with turned-in legs and intricate designs or pieces with ornate designs. Here is a list of furniture we suggest you include in your timeless classic home interior design.

Medallions: Medallions are just big (or small) panels put up on ceilings and windows. They usually bear a figure, a portrait, or an ornament (like chandeliers). This gives an elegant feel to the place without being too fancy and overbearing.

Gilded Mirrors: Gilded mirrors are the perfect alternative to having intricate wall moulding. They give the same feel, are cheaper, and work for rented homes as well!

Chandeliers: No classic home design is complete without a chandelier. Depending on the style of your home, you can either opt for a small one that compliments your furniture, or a big one that makes a statement.

Curtains: A classic home interior design needs curtains to make the space work. Vibrant, floral or classic, the curtains add the colour needed to break the symmetry in the classic design while complementing it. Long curtains when used correctly, can make the room feel bigger and longer.

Focal Point

This brings us to our next suggestion, having a focal point. By having the furniture placed around a focal point (like a fireplace or a television), not only will there be symmetry, but the place will look cohesive. The good thing about having a focal point is that it can be anything that you want it to be. It can be your window, the huge French doors, or maybe just the centre of your space. Having a television installed over a fireplace can often provide the focal point that you need. The secret to making your television feel more coherent with the space is by installing a frame around it.  for aerial professional tv mounting service that can help you achieve the classic look you are going for.

Use Colours in a way that works

The rule of the thumb when working with a classic design is to use neutral colours on the wall and furniture and then use bold or bright colours to break up the neutrality. This can be done by choosing earthy tones for the furniture, like, oak wood, crème, and various shades of green or yellow. The walls are usually given softer tones with white, crème, off-white, and neutral shades. You can then use bolder colours to break off the neutrality by using them in pillows, ornaments, décor items like paintings, frames and mirrors, rugs, and curtains. Having plants around the place will give it a more earthy and timeless look. Here, you can opt for plant baskets hanging from the walls near the windows or plants sitting around the place in a manner that does not obstruct movement.

Built-ins go a long way

Built-in cupboards, bookshelves, and cabinets not only optimise the vertical space but also provide a very classic look. They are functional and give you way more storage while making the space feel comfy and bright. Having a built-in window seat is a classic that can never go wrong. It’s perfect to read a book on a rainy day, cosy up in the winter or just sit and look outside. Adding light fixtures over your built-ins can make them feel light and homey. Click here  to learn more.

Make it your own

While a classic home never goes out of style, it’s important to make the classic style your own. Are you an art lover? Place your favourite art pieces around the house for inspiration. Do you love animals? You can have figurines of animals everywhere. The point is to personalise the style in a way that makes you feel happy and motivated. Use colours that you like and use designs that inspire you.