While schools face a challenge to provide distance learning opportunities for all students, parents need to be more involved in their kids’ studies, especially the young ones. Focusing on learning online can be very challenging, even for adult learners.

Students need to spend a certain amount of quality time on their online lessons to learn well. Online learning for kids can be done asynchronously or in real-time, where students interact with online tools and study independently or study with a teacher.

Regardless of the online learning type, students need to focus on their lessons to become successful. Without proper help and support from the parents, it would be hard for them to focus on their online lessons. Below are some important tips for parents to help their kids focus on online learning.

Remove distractions

Make sure that your kids’ study area is free from any distractions. That includes clutter, noise and unnecessary stuff like toys. Students should have a designated study area that is comfortable.

Know what to expect in online learning 

How long should your kids study online in a day? Screen time varies based on the student’s age group. Older students can stay focused longer than the younger ones. Your kid’s teacher or the school should give you appropriate guidance regarding the student’s screen time. Young kids need a lot of play and interaction, which are essential for their learning.

Know what kind of activities are best for your kids 

Do your kids prefer certain types of online learning activities? For instance, do your kids prefer to work at their own pace rather than listening to a teacher through online video calls? What online learning tools can get the attention of your kids? These are the factors that you and the teacher need to know to provide the best learning experiences that are perfect for your kids.

Encourage movement 

Your kids should not just sit in front of their workstations throughout the day; they should move their bodies frequently, too. Let your kids exercise before they start focusing on their online lessons.

On the other hand, some kids can focus on their lessons when standing. With that in mind, get your kids a standing table if they wish.

Make some adjustments to your schedule

Whether your kids are having a hard time focusing on their studies or the other way around, try to adjust your schedule so you can visit them from time to time and help them. Some topics might seem easy to understand, but some topics can be challenging for them.

Work on easier subjects at different times, like the afternoon or even the next day, as your kids can move through these subjects quickly. It is also good to inform the teacher what is working perfectly for you and your kids.

Online learning for kids may sound intimidating and fun at the same time. With these simple tips, you must be able to help your kids get through their online lessons successfully. Also, make sure that you have enough time to check on them frequently.


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