Software Development Team

Outsourcing model of engagement with a software development company or team is now more preferable for most businesses that seek to implement custom software into their company processes. The reasons for this tendency are related to:

  • The lack of technical expertise and knowledge of the in-house software development team;
  • The lack of in-house resources that are occupied in the task execution of the higher priority;
  • Need to quickly scale the in-house development team.

Surely, the variety of outsourcing software development companies is vast. Europe is considered to be one of the biggest outsourcing centers in the world providing extended ranges of development services, top-notch developers that are proficient in innovative technologies and numerous domains, and reasonable prices compared to the U.S. software market. 

Due to the extended variety of experienced development teams, the selection becomes harder and it is quite easy to get lost and take the wrong decision. 

Therefore, this article aims to get you familiar with the main options you need to consider to hire a development team to get the desired custom software solution at the end of your cooperation. 

Duration on the market

The process of signing the contract with your outsourcing partner is the last thing you need to think about. Before choosing the development team, you need to deeply research them. The first thing you need to consider is the year of foundation. It is not obvious that the longer the company is on the market, the more qualified services it offers but it is better to choose the company that is trusted and experienced. Then, find some information about its foundation, the owners or co-founders, and what role they play in the company today. In addition, you can find their profiles on Linkedin to find a piece of proven information about their activity in the software market. 

Portfolio cases

This point is a little bit more important than checking the domains and technologies the development team is proficient in as the successful projects show the real situation with the services and their quality. Check out the company website where you can find the portfolio. Besides reading about the development process of each of the use cases, you can also find these developed solutions on the web, read the reviews from the cooperation, and the reviews from real users if such are available. 

Domain and technical expertise

It is advisable to choose an outsourcing development team that has experience developing custom business software in your industry or specialization. However, this option is not obvious as each software project has its specifications that require a particular range of technologies to be used in the development. So technical expertise matters more as it shows the awareness of the innovations and latest trends on the software market and shows the capability of implementing the needed technologies into your software solution.

Project management

The flow of project management is a decisive factor in the selection of outsourcing partners. As all communications and task execution are held online, it is important to ensure the transparency and structure of the internal processes of your outsourcing partner. Using various project management tools like Jira, Confluence, Slack, and others are obvious for providing transparent development of software solution. 

How to hire an outsourcing development team?

The selection criteria are clear but a logical question comes – where to find top-notch outsourcing software development companies fto hire. 

There are numerous sources where you can look for an outsourcing partner for your project and we are willing to mention the most popular and efficient of them.


Clutch is a great digital platform where practically all software development companies in the world are present. Each software company has personal accounts with the description of their company, number of employees, average rates and project cost, number of deliveries, links to websites or blogs, and what is more – real feedback from their previous clients. The review can tell you much more than any corporate website. Moreover, Clutch creates different tops adding the best companies to it. So you can also enter your industry or type of software solution to find the best matches for it.


This social network is mostly dedicated to the promotion of software development services. You can easily search for a potential software development partner by adding specific filters like country, number of employees, expertise, and so on. You can find the information of the software development company you are interested in to learn about their activity more.

Ask your friends or the community

It is not a rare case when your friend or colleague may know and have cooperated with any of the outsourcing software development vendors and can provide you with fresh reviews and results from their partnership. 

Freelance platforms are mostly not recommended as freelancers are unpredictable in their actions and you may lose your time, money, and effort. However, some software development companies promote their services on different freelance websites but you should check the information if this company is reliable and trusted on the market by the availability of the corporate website, social media accounts, reviews from the previous customers, etc.

Entrust your software development to GBKSOFT

Considering all the above-mentioned points in the selection of outsourcing development partners, GBKSOFT matches them all. GBKSOFT development team has been delivering top-notch business software since 2011. Starting as a small group of people willing to build high-quality solutions for the clients, GBKSOFT has grown into a powerful software development company cooperating with clients all over the world.

GBKSOFT focuses on corresponding to the needs and expectations of the client being on the same page with them, understanding their business goals, and working close-knit to help achieve them as soon as possible. GBKSOFT provides transparent processes and documentation, excellent project management that are must-haves in the outsourcing cooperation model.