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In the modern, competitive landscape of careers and businesses, there is a fight for every open position and vacancy. The most coveted jobs are few, which means you have to find ways to stand out from the pool of potential employees.

However, employability must also overcome boundaries that were, in the past, only defined and determined by your skills. Today, it includes a much bigger vertical. This is something that now encompasses aptitude and attitude.

Just being qualified for the position is no longer enough. If you want to improve your employability, use the tips found here.

Focus on Passion and Attitude

When considering someone’s employability, passion and attitude are huge factors that are considered. In fact, these are now more important factors than having the right degree.

Some of the things employers will consider, include if the potential employee:

  • Has the right mindset
  • Is proactive
  • Is honest about weaknesses and strengths
  • Willing to learn
  • Able to mentor others

Passion is also an important factor that many employers consider. They want to know what you love doing and if your passion aligns with the direction and vision of the company.

It’s important to remember that it is possible to teach someone how to do a job and use various processes and systems. Something that is not teachable is self-discipline, a humble attitude, and the willingness to learn.

Stay Up to Date

When you begin searching for jobs through Instacart Jobs or another lob listing service, you may be focused on your qualifications. However, as mentioned above, there are other factors modern employers consider, too.

Employers want to find someone who can help create a path into the future down a road of creativity and innovative ideas.

You need a good attitude, to be motivated, and able to manage your time well. Also, you should be able to manage your communications regarding going online, face-to-face, online chats, emailing, over the phone, and more.

This means you must stay updated on communication skills and other qualities needed to handle these types of tasks.

Adjust Your CV Based on the Job Description

If you want to be picked by specific employers for a position, you need to modify your CV based on the position you want. If a vacancy opens up, general CVs won’t perform very well.

Today, employers publish the specific things and requirements they are looking for when filling vacant positions. As a candidate, you need to modify your CV to sync with what employers are looking for.

Improving Your Employability

When you are trying to improve your employability for a certain position, you can do more than a few things. Be sure to keep the information above in mind to have the best chance of getting the job you are applying for.

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By Sambit