bangle bandsbangle bands

Have you seen your friends wearing some beautiful-looking loom bangle bands? Well, these bands look really cool when someone’s wearing them. The good thing is that making these rubber bands is very easy.

As it’s customizable, most people prefer making their own rubber bands. On the other hand, you can choose materials as per your requirements. Moreover, if you want to know the process, we are here to help you out.

In the following, we are sharing two simple methods to make the perfect bangle bands. We are giving step-by-step instructions, so it will be easier for you. Make sure you are reading carefully before implementing them. So, let’s get started.

bangle band
bangle band

Method One: How to Make Bangle Bands

This method is quite easy compared to the other one. You have to use a loom for making this band. Make sure you are getting the right materials for this method. To implement this method, you have to buy a look kit. You can purchase it from a crafts store or online. In the following, let’s find out how to make bangle bands with a loom:

  • When you get the loom kit, you have to place down the loom. Then, make sure the curve side is facing you as the pins will hold your band.
  • The next step is very crucial as you have to wrap a band from the first middle pin to the outside pin. So, place the rubber band on the close middle pin and stretch it for the right outside pin.
  • After wrapping the first band, it’s time for the second one. Take a different color band and wrap it onto the right outside pin. Moreover, stretch it to the closest middle pin. Make sure you are pressing the band down after connecting two pins.
  • Take another color of rubber band and place it onto the closest middle pin. Make sure you are placing it parallel with the first band. Hence, you can take the same color. You have to put the band onto the outside right pin.
  • Continue this process to the next step. It would be easier if you are using two different colored bands. You have to continue the process in a zig-zag pattern. Make sure you are not twisting the rubber band. If you are using 13 red-colored bands, you have to use 12 blue-colored rubber bands.
  • After wrapping these bands, make you are pressing down them well. Next, you have to turn the loom to check if everything remains the same.
  • The next step of making bangle bands is covering the leftmost pins by using vertical pins. So, you have to press down the bands that are not firmly wrapped around.
bangle band
bangle bands
  • Next, you have to loop the blue rubber band to the closest left pin. Then, you have to use the back of your loop to pull it towards you. Well, you will notice how the blue rubber band is forming a teardrop shape.
  • After doing the previous step, you have to loop the left pin’s red rubber band over the closest middle pin. This step can be hard, so you have to be careful. Moreover, you have to press the red and blue rubber bands towards you by using the flat part of the loop. Then, grab the red one and loop it over the closest middle pin.
  • Continue the process until all the loops are completed. Repeat the looping process carefully.
  • Now, you are done with making the bangle bands. Make sure you are using a c-clip to remove the bangle. You have to slide the hook down from the channel of the last pin. Lastly, connect each free end of the rubber band with the c-clip.

Method Two: How to Make Bangle Bands

Now, you know how to make a bracelet by using a loom. The next method is by using your fingers. You don’t need a loom kit for this method. However, you need rubber bands of different colors and a c-clip. However, this sounds difficult but you can do it by following these instructions:

bangle bands
  • First, wrap a red rubber band around the ring and middle fingers of your dominant hand. Make sure you are wrapping the rubber band vertically. You can use any color of the rubber band to make bangle bands. However, you have to keep the right track during weaving.
  • Next, you have to twist the band to make it look like 8. Twist it by using your other hand and putting it on your finger. Make sure each loop is attached with your middle and ring finger.
  • Next, take a blue-colored rubber band and wrap it with middle and ring fingers. You can switch the color as per your requirement.
  • Put the loop of the 8-shaped red band and wrap it around the blue one. Make sure you are putting the red rubber band wrapped around two blue bands.
  • Now, you have to wrap another blue rubber band with the tip of your fingers. Make sure you are keeping the band closest to the tip of your finger. Don’t twist this blue band into the 8-shaped pattern
  • Then, you have to put the red rubber band over the blue rubber band. Continue the process until you have the right length of bangle bands. You have to pull the bangle down your fingers as it progresses.
  • After doing this, you have to remove the bracelet carefully. You also have to use a c-clip in this method. So, connect the free hand of this bracelet with this c-clip. Moreover, you have to wrap the c-clip around the other free end and press it together. You can also use a paper clip instead of a c-clip.



Making bangle bands is very easy when you are following the right process. We have covered two simple methods to make the perfect bands. Make sure you are using the required materials to get the best result. For more details, you can start your research. Moreover, you can watch some tutorial videos that are available on the internet.

By Swati