How Make Scraper API

You’ve decided that your company needs to use a Search engine scraper API tool to stay relevant. Google is changing its algorithm way too frequently, which is affecting the search results. You’re finding it difficult to keep up with the variation and fluctuations. So, investing in a scraper API is a good decision. But as a beginner, you must learn about the tips and tricks that’d help you make the most out of the Scraper API. This way, you’re not spending your time and money on things that’ll deliver inefficient results.

What is a Scarper API, and How Does it Work?

Scraper API tool is an application that allows you to scrape or collect data from a certain place.

If you’re using a Search Engine scraper, then it will collect data from the SERP or Search Engine Results Page. If you’re using a database scraper, it will collect information from a certain database.

So, there are different types of scraper APIs.

In search engine marketing, you’ll always be using a Search Engine scraper API. Other scraper APIs will not get the job done.

So how does such a scarper API works?

It does this by invoking a search on Google and then collecting the results that show up for that search query.

For example, let’s say you searched for “best Nike shoes” using the search engine scraper API. The API will do a search programmatically on your behalf and collect the results.

The results can be organic results, paid ads, shopping ads, image results, etc. It will then store the information in JSON or CSV format for you to process later. So, that’s in a nutshell how a search engine scraper API works.

Importance of Scraper API

So why is a scraper API important? That’s because it automates the process of tracking search results and saves you time.

As you might have already realized, search results are no longer constant. They keep on changing based on various factors.

This includes the location of the searcher and the device he or she is using. Thus, you will see a different search result in your iPhone than someone who is a search on a desktop.

As an SEO professional, it part of your job to track the search result pages and position of your website. But tracking the position for different locations and devices is challenging.

That’s where you need a web scraper API that will collect the information for you. You just have to send in an API request to the scraper, and it’ll return you the exact results you’ll in the SERP.

How to Make the Most out of Scraper API?

Now that you’ve invested or are looking forward to investing in a scraper API, you must keep a few things in mind. These will help you make the most out of the search engine scraper API.

Figure Out Which Type of Search Results You Need

A Google search returns different types of search results. This includes the following:

  • Organic results
  • Paid results
  • News results
  • Images results
  • Shopping ads
  • Jobs results

When you’re making an API call, you have to specify the type of results you’d need. If left blank, then the API will return random results. So, you’ll have complete clarity over the search engine result page.

But if you do want to get all of these results, you need to specify the same in the API query string.

You can also request other types of featured search snippets.

Location Matters for Search APIs

Search APIs collect results based on the location of the searcher. Therefore, you’ll get a different set of results for Quebec than Moscow, even for the same search query.

Just like you need to mention the type of results you need, you need to specify the location. This needs to be either exact or approximate.

Limit Your API Calls

When using the search scraper API, every request you send in is counted as a call. Most APIs aren’t free, and you’ll be billed for the number of calls you make to the API endpoint.

To keep your bills down, you need to limit your API calls.

Instead of sending three different calls for organic results, paid results, and image results, you can combine the calls into one. This also speeds up the process for you.

Instead of requesting results for two different locations, you can specify multiple locations.

The goal here is to limit the number of API calls you make.

Request Data in JSON format

The API will return back the data in a certain format. And the best format that you can easily process is JSON format.

Other formats include XML and CSV. But they are not cross-compatible with different programming languages.

So, when making API calls, you need to specify JSON as the preferred format for data.

To Sum up

Scraper API tools like SERP API is a great way to automate your SEO process. You can track the results instantly and correlate them with your link building or content creation process.

By implementing the tricks mentioned above, you will ensure that you’re following the best practice and making the most out of the API tool.