Your special someone can make your life perfect. And it’s your duty to make them feel special. Well, if you are confused with everything, we will clear your doubts in this ‘how to make your girlfriend feel special guide.

To be honest, there are so many ways to make a woman smile. In fact, you can find tons of ideas from relationship gurus. Well, when it comes to doing something unique, it can be confusing.

The best part is you can make your girl happy by doing some little things. In fact, she will be happier if you do something creative. In this article, we will share the best ways to make your beloved girlfriend feel special. Let’s get started.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

As we noted before, there are various ways to make your girlfriend happy. You just have to be a bit creative with everything. In the following list, we will share the top ways how to make your girlfriend feel special. Let’s find out:

1. Compliments Her Often

One of the easiest ways to make your girlfriend happy is by complimenting her. Well, it’s not a one-time thing. You have to compliment her regularly. And it doesn’t matter why you are doing this. It can be her look, style, personality, or achievements.

2. Write Surprise Notes

Another good way to make your love feel special is by writing surprise notes. It’s a bit old-fashioned but it can be done in a unique way. Besides writing surprise notes, you can also send some good messages often. 

3. Be Open With Your Girl

A relationship needs honesty. Well, if you don’t want to be too romantic, you can do some little things for her. For example, you should be more open with your beloved girlfriend. Hence, it will improve your relationship as well.

4. Share Your Goals

As we noted above, a good relationship needs more conversation. When you are being open with her, it will strengthen your relationship. Well, to make it stronger, you should share your goals with her. In fact, you can also encourage her to achieve her goals.

5. Give Meaningful Gifts

Gifts are very special for anyone, especially when it’s a meaningful gift. When you give her something that she likes, it will be the best surprise for her. If you don’t know her choice, you can do some research as well. You can even craft something special for her.

6. Sit Next to Her

Okay, you don’t have to surprise her with gifts all the time. Sometimes, it can be great even if you sit next to her, sharing your thoughts. On the other hand, you can follow this method in public places.

7. Ask For Her Opinion

Not just making her feel special, you have to respect her thoughts. Well, it will help a lot to improve your relationship. So, you can ask for her opinion before doing something or making a decision. It will be helpful.

8. Spend Special Time Together

When it’s about how to make your girlfriend feel special, you can do something simple for her. Well, the best way is by spending some quality time with your beloved girlfriend. There are so many things to do like going on a vacation or watching a movie together.

9. Plan Little Surprises

Well, if you want to do something more special for her, you can plan little surprises. Unexpected surprises are best. You can either plan a romantic date or give a meaningful gift. There are tons of ideas regarding little surprises. 

10. Kiss Her Forehead

As we noted before, you don’t need to buy her something to make her happy. Sometimes, a little gesture can make her feel special. For example, you can kiss her forehead and show your love to your beloved partner.

11. Always Be Respectful

No matter what you are doing for your girlfriend, make sure you are being respectful toward her. In this case, try to avoid disrespectful comments. On the other hand, you also have to respect her choices and opinions.

12. Make Time For Her

Besides being respectful towards her, you also have to make time for your beloved partner. Well, you don’t need to spend a whole day with her. Sometimes, small phone calls and texts can make someone happy. It will help a lot to improve your relationship.

13. Encourage Her More

One of the best ways in this how to make your girlfriend feel special guide is to encourage her. Whatever she is doing, if it feels right to you, encourage her as much as possible. Make sure you are always supporting her.

14. Write Love Letters

Another great way to make your girlfriend happy is by writing love letters. This idea seems old-fashioned but it can be very effective. Handwritten letters are always better than expensive gifts. Plus, it’s a great way to express your feelings.

15. Remember The Details

A good way to make someone special is by remembering every detail about them. Plus, it can be very helpful if you want to arrange something special for her. For example, if you are looking for a meaningful gift, it will help you out.

16. Be Patient With Her

No matter what you are doing, you have to be patient with her. Well, patience is the key to any relationship’s success. Try to understand what she is saying or doing. Plus, don’t argue often.

17. Never Pressurize Her on Something

Another crucial thing you have to do is not pressurize her on something. If you are not liking anything about her, you can make her understand. It will make things easier.


Now, you know how to make your girlfriend feel special. Well, as you can see, there are several ways to surprise your girl. On the other hand, you can add your creativity to make her feel happy. To get more ideas, you can also start your research on the internet.

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