Install Roller Blinds

A new set of roller blinds can completely change the look of almost every room in your home. Adding in a new set of roller blinds or Install Roller Blinds allows you to alter the lighting of the room, add in additional colour or even introduce a new design theme into the room.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your home’s décor and you’re on a budget, a good set of new made to measure roller blinds should be your first new addition as they have a lot of impact relative to their low cost.

We recommend made to measure roller blinds, rather than roller blinds in standard sizing’s, just simply because with a made to measure blind you know for sure that it will perfectly fit in your window and be made of more durable materials which keeps the blind looking good for longer.

With made to measure roller blinds you will need to measure the space for your blind, as well as install it once it’s been made for you, so today, we’ll be looking about how you should measure and install your new made to measure roller blind!

Measuring For Your Roller Blind

Luckily measuring for a roller blind is a simple enough affair and all you will need to take your measurements is a pencil and a tape measure.

When it comes to roller blinds, there are two ways to measure: recess fit and exact fit.

Recess fit is for when your blind will be installed within a windows recess and exact fit is for when you intend to install the blind directly onto the wall.

When measuring for a recess fit roller blind, you just simply need to measure the width and height of your window’s recess with a tape measure and you have the measurements you need.

With exact fit roller blinds, it’s slightly different and your measurement will be the exact size of the blind from top to bottom and sideways bracket to bracket. So you’ll want to take the measurements for the recess in the same way as if you were ordering a recess fit blind and add 140mm to your height measurement and 100mm to your width measurement to account for the bracket and to stop light leaking around the blind.

Once you have your measurements simply give them to a made to measure blinds retailer like DotcomBlinds and they will make your blind to your sizes.

Installing Your Roller Blind

Once you have received your brand new roller blind it’s time to install it in your window. Just like measuring, there will be a slight difference between a recess fit blind and an exact fit blind, so we’ll cover how to install both here.

For installation you will need a tape measure, a pencil and a drill.

For recess fit roller blinds, you simply need to put each bracket at either corner at the top of your recess and drill them into place along the top of the recess. Once the brackets are drilled in, simply fit in the roller of your blind into the brackets, starting with the side without the control chain.

For exact fit roller blinds, the process is a bit more complicated. To work out where to install your brackets, you’ll want to find the centre of your window and mark half of your blinds width either side (if blind is 100cm wide, measure 50cm either side of the middle) and mark that down, this is where you will drill the brackets in. Once the brackets are drilled in, simply fit in the roller of your blind into the brackets, starting with the side without the control chain.