Probably, with the recent growth of the cryptocurrency market, the number of people wishing to invest in digital currencies has also increased. In each case, people are interested in such questions: how much money (from where?) and what coins to invest in, how to find out your winnings, etc.

How much and from where?

About how much to invest in cryptocurrencies, everyone decides for himself. And most importantly, as experienced investors and experts often say, this should be an amount that “it’s not scary to lose”. Of course, no one wants to lose – on the contrary, hoping for a profit. You may want to invest your small amount of $50-$100. Or perhaps decide that you can use more money for these purposes, for example, $1000. However, it all depends on the amount of savings and the desire to earn.

What coins?

The question of which coins to invest in is the most difficult one. Surely, you often follow the rate of cryptocurrencies on a site like CryptoTracker, where you can see how this or that coin “works”.

What can help you get to the point:

  • the ability to do technical analysis and “more or less accurately” predict coin rates (If you succeed, then you can not worry about any other job, but completely switch to trading with any assets);
  • a rally of cryptocurrencies, when “you can randomly choose any coin, and it will grow”;
  • your natural intuition, which also knows how to “predict” the course of events, rather, based on those events that are already taking place in the market.

It seems that in the current situation in the cryptocurrency market, you can rely on points 2 and 3. But the most important rule of a stock speculator is to buy cheaper and sell more expensive.


It should be remembered that many experienced investors prefer not to work with one coin, even a very good one, but they make up a “cryptocurrency portfolio”, investing in various coins.

The question of how to choose a reliable platform for trading cryptocurrencies is a separate one. Also, for sure, you already have a favourite. At the same time, “being” in your exchange wallet, you can see:

  • the names of the coins you bought;
  • number of coins – total balance and available balance (outside active orders);
  • the cost of coins is in bitcoins (which is not convenient for everyone, since it is more common to see the cost in dollars).

Also, a person can see the total value of coins (total balance) in bitcoins / dollars.

Every investor is constantly wondering what his investment efforts turn out to be, how lucky and even rich he is. To most accurately answer such questions, most likely, you need convenient tools that will provide you with answers “in one window”, eliminating the inconvenience.

By Swati