How to Negotiate Salary After You Get a Job Offer

It is unfortunately widespread in almost all fields that people feel embarrassed to negotiate their salaries after getting accepted at a job.   

However, practically speaking, it is way more straightforward than that. They chose you because you are what suits them, and now it is YOUR turn to choose what fits you as well!    

Hold on for a second; it is not a fight; here are some tips that will help you get your desired salary in the smoothest way possible.  

Have Realistic Expectations   

You should not settle for less than what you deserve, but at the same time, you should not set extremely high expectations that you might not earn. 

It is all about being aware of the market rate in the same industry. Do your research and check what people who work in the same position, while having the same years of experience and skills you have got, are usually offered. Then start negotiating based on the information you get.  

Explain Yourself 

Do you know what “negotiation” literally means?  

 It is to bargain or discuss both sides of an issue until an agreement is reached. 

So, to reach an agreement, you need to discuss your point of view and try to convince them of it!  

Explain why you are asking for a higher salary, and show them why you deserve it compared to your skills, experience, and what you are going to offer them in return.  

Be Honest 

One trick many candidates do to force the interviewer to offer higher pay, is that they make up fake scenarios about their past salaries or the offers they are currently getting.  

Now imagine you did the same, and they found out you are not telling the truth (they do have their ways!).  

Practice the Conversation 

Choose one of your friends, imagine he is the job owner, and start negotiating the salary together.  

We know it might seem embarrassing, funny, or useless, but trust us, it does work!  

Do it several times, change the dialogue every time, and we promise you, this will make you a hundred times more ready for the actual conversation.   

End the Conversation When It Should 

Negotiating your salary should not take you hours; at a certain point, if you feel it is not possible to get what you are asking for, you should not keep on asking for it.  

It would be like looking for something in the wrong place. It might be annoying and might leave a wrong impression.   

Be Kind 

Always remember this, it is not only your experience and skills that would make them raise the offer.  

How you act and your attitude also plays a massive role with this!  

Make sure not to be aggressive, nervous, rude, or greedy. Keep a smile and a positive tone while negotiating your salary. Being polite would be the reason they give you what you are asking for.  

Stay Confident  

Always bear in mind that if they noticed you are hesitant while asking for a higher salary, they would probably rethink it.  

We know it is not comfortable to ask for a higher salary, but you should now show it!  

Do not keep apologizing or showing you feel bad about what you are doing. Just know your worth and keep your head high.  

Do Not Make It All About Yourself 

There is a fine line between being confident and being self-centered, be aware of it!  

Do not make all the conversation about your experience, education, skills, and why you deserve a higher salary.  

However, focus on how you are willing to add value and benefits to their company. Show how you are looking forward to being a part of their future growth and success.  

Do Not Mention Your Personal Needs!

There is no need to mention your expenses; this is not a suitable place for that.

They are not supposed to raise the offer to satisfy your needs. The only reason they would do so is that you deserve it in terms of experience and skills.   

Look At the Big Picture

If the company were not able to offer you the salary you expect at the moment, however, on the other hand, they would be able to provide you with a higher role than your current one, a more supportive environment, or you are going to learn some new skills. Maybe it would not be a bad idea to compromise.  

Now That We Have Reached the End, 

Negotiating your salary should not be that sensitive or stressful. It is a situation that you are going to face a lot in your job search journey.  

Not knowing how to negotiate your salary might be the reason you miss a lot of opportunities. So always make sure to do it in the right way.

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