How Organize Mudroom

Tired of a messy mudroom messing up your day? Get the entryway sorted for good with these nine secret organization tips. Do it once and it’ll stay organized! In this article are 9 secrets on how to Organize your mudroom effectively by incorporating a mix of open and closed storage solutions. Ikigai Cases offers practical and stylish options to help you achieve a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing mudroom setup.

Big or small, keeping your mudroom tidy can be tricky. It’s inconvenient when you’re ready to leave in the morning, and you can’t seem to find your jacket. 

Or maybe it doesn’t look quite as neat as it did the previous day. Partly because someone had muddy boots and tracked in a bunch of dirt! 

It’s frustrating, right?

Or maybe you can’t seem to find your keys in all the clutter, and you’re running late for work. 

Well, proper organizing can make life easier. That is the sole purpose of a mudroom.

A mudroom is the first and the last place of contact between you and the outside world. Keeping it organized is essential. You want the space to spark joy and feel warm and welcoming.

But how do you keep this area organized when it’s prone to clutter? 

Here are mudroom organization secrets to stay more organized.

1. Open and Closed Storage

When organizing your entryway, take advantage of both open and closed storage ideas. Strike a balance with the two and see what you make of it. Perhaps it’ll turn your mudroom into a piece of art.

Understandably, you’ll need to factor in your entryway size before you can make any lasting changes.

If you’re going with open storage, you’ll find it’s convenient when you need to grab something quick and be on your way. 

For instance, coats and jackets can use displayed storage. Consider other things like keys or notebooks that you want to place in (or out) of sight. 

Closed storage is more hidden and out of sight. It’s perfect for storing outdoor gear you use occasionally. 

2. Remove Clutter

Clutter can easily make a space feel like a no-go zone, especially a mudroom.

Let’s declutter your mudroom. After all, it’s part of the house and not an extension of the garage.

No doubt, one of the reasons we let everything pile up is that, for many people, to get rid of things they no longer need is hard. Just because you don’t wear that pair of boots you got as a birthday gift doesn’t mean you don’t like them.

But, think about it, clutter can make a large, airy mudroom feel like a secret room in the basement. Getting rid of everything you don’t need anymore leaves you enough space for what you do need.

Besides, you hardly need to throw anything away when you can donate them to charity. You can donate most things, from shoes to baskets, so long as they are in good condition.

3. Personalize Zones for Everyone

Creating small areas for everyone can make a mudroom feel homier. Make a storage space where every member can put away their things. 

You can have baskets for storing toys for kids and add hooks where they can hang their coats and bags.

When you have a space for everyone, they won’t rummage through everything and trash the place. This way, everyone becomes responsible for their stuff, and you’ll have an easier time reorganizing and cleaning.

4. Set Your Organizing Goals

Setting organizing goals will make the process easier and thought out. We tend to procrastinate and postpone many things until we can’t anymore; cleaning is not an exception.

You’re probably a little distracted (or exhausted) every time you get home. But telling yourself that you’ll get it done without a goal in mind is a recipe for putting it off altogether.

Remember, when you set goals, it becomes easier to work on something because you’ve just broken it down. It also gives you the motivation to get started, as now it doesn’t look as threatening. 

One more thing, you can set goals to work on your mudroom part by part until you have everything looking just right. 

5. Re-Organize on a Regular Schedule

Cleaning and organizing regularly may not be the idea of fun for many, but it makes things easier. 

You’ll notice things out of place and correct the situation before it turns into a humongous mess. It’s about doing small tasks often like dusting and wiping and finding new homes for unused things.

Once you make it a habit, you’ll hardly notice what you’re doing, but it makes all the difference and keeps your mudroom tidy at all times. 

6. Deal With the Shoes

Tripping over shoes in the entryway is unnecessarily frustrating. Worse, it can lead to harm, if not to you personally, then to visitors who are unfamiliar with your home. 

It would help if you had your shoes out of the way and stored in an organized fashion.

There are several shoe storage options you can take advantage of to create space in your mudroom.

For instance, you could try a vintage mail organizer for holding several pairs of shoes.

If you’re feeling up for it, you can take on the project of creating a custom DIY wooden boot rack. You can also shop for them online. One more thing, throw in a mat specifically for holding the muddy boots before you clean them.

7. Get Creative

A mudroom is one of those places where you can test your creativity with few drawbacks (if any). So long as you avoid clutter, your entryway will look great, whichever way you go with it. 

If you have a small space, you can make it functional by using creative storage ideas like floating shelves.

Placing DIY floating shelves over the coat hooks will make the space lively. On the shelves, you can add some indoor plants for aesthetic appeal. Less is more here as too much may take away from the beauty.

Now, if you don’t have a specified mudroom, a  bookcase works well. Throw in hooks for coats and baskets. You can also section the space to allow for designated storage areas.


The seven mudroom organization secrets of staying more organized will go a long way to make your home warm and welcoming.

You don’t want your entryway looking neglected as it serves as a first impression when you have people over. 

However, with the above tips, you can give your mudroom a total makeover and make the space functional. You can quickly implement these ideas, and you won’t break the bank while you’re at it. 

Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at Broadstone Sienna with five years of property management experience and many more in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community and looks forward to making Broadstone Sienna the place to call home.