What is Perfect Age For Preschool?


Starting preschool marks the beginning of a new chapter for you and your child. It can be a challenging time of change for you both and stir up lots of emotions, including joy, excitement, fear, and apprehension. It’s an exciting time where you get to see them thrive among their peers, perhaps for the first time! If you’re a first-time parent that’s about to hit this milestone, read on for some tips on how to prepare your child for preschool so that they have the best start possible! 


Visit the preschool of your choice 

We’re certain you’ll have put plenty of time and research into picking the right preschool for your little one. The next thing to do is visit the preschool together. Soon enough, your child will be spending a lot of time there, so they must understand it’s a safe environment for them. Try to visit a couple of times before they officially start, let them explore a little, and help them get used to their new surroundings. It’s helpful if they can meet their new teachers too. Even just a quick hello can make the environment feel less daunting on their first day. Speak to them about the experience calmly and upliftingly so they can easily recognize it’s going to be a good experience.


Invest in comfy wearable clothes 

When your child is at preschool, they’ll get to participate in many exciting activities, from playing outside to arts and crafts and even baking. So to set them up for greatness, you should invest in some wearable baby girl clothes that are easy to move around in and super comfortable. Think fuss-free and fun! For example, leggings and an A-line dress will give them plenty of room to move and play while looking super cute! Or you could opt for a cozy romper with leggings. Feeling comfortable and confident is a necessity for us all, isn’t it?


Do simple tasks that encourage independence 

Getting your child started doing simple tasks that help encourage them to be independent will be a big help to them. Try to pick tasks that will help them to understand the need to share, be kind and respectful to others, and do tasks with autonomy. This is also a good way to help them build up their confidence. Tasks you can try to encourage independence include… 

  • Letting them pick out what clothes to wear. 
  • Getting them to put their toys away after playtime. 
  • Putting on shoes and putting shoes away after coming into the house. 
  • Putting toothpaste on the toothbrush.
  • Putting on pajamas after a bath, this is a great one because it doesn’t matter too much if it’s not quite right.

Encouraging your child to be independent can be time-consuming and, if we’re honest, a little stressful but will be so worth it. It can be a challenge for many parents not to take over when they’re struggling or not doing something quite right and making a mess. Being as patient as possible now will help them in the long run and will help them to settle into preschool without any fuss. 


Get your child to socialize 

Of course, socializing is a huge part of being at preschool, and they’re going to make loads of new friends. However, to ease them in and make it a little more manageable, it’s a good idea to get them used to a little socializing first. Organize play days with friends or fellow moms in the area so your children can get some first-hand experience with other kids. Encourage them to practice being patient, playing nicely, and sharing toys. These small details will make the transition to playing school easier. If you don’t know many moms with children the same age as your own, you should try to attend local toddler meet-up groups. If there’s not one in your area, start one! There’s gotta be other moms out there looking to socialize. It’s a great way for you and your baby to meet like-minded friends. 


Share their excitement 

Sometimes as parents, we forget how receptive our children are. They can sense our emotions and are likely to pick up any anxious feeling you may harbor, so it’s super important to do your best to stay calm. Show them your calm, happy, and excited about this change, even if you’re feeling apprehensive and a little anxious, which is completely natural. It’s a big change for you too! It might be a good idea to try some mindful breathing exercises to help you control your anxious feelings for their benefit and yours. Their first day of preschool is such a special day. Remember to take it all in and take lots of photographs that you can enjoy for years to come! 

By Swati