record a Google meet

After the Covid 19 hit the nations, it was challenging for people to interact closely. The disease was very contagious and would cause suffering and death. The abrupt change in situations limited companies, learning institutions, and other organizations from performing their daily routine. Learning institutions such as colleges and schools have deployed several measures on how the learners and teachers could interact one-on-one and hold virtual classes with the issuance of assignments and exams. Google meet, a free video-conferencing platform is used as a virtual classroom for learners. The Google meet allows teachers and students to record and archive the sessions. The recorded meetings can be saved as notes and used by students for future reference in exam or test revision materials. 

Steps on how to record Google meet as a student

Are you perhaps a computer science student who needs computer science homework help on how to record a google meet when they are just freshmen into the ideal now? The following criteria get used by the Students to record Google meet meetings.

  • Once in the meeting window, click on the three menu options on the bottom right corner section of the screen.
  • On the options, click on the ‘Record meeting’ to start recording.
  • Once the meeting is almost over or you feel you have captured what you wanted, click on the three menu options again to ‘stop recording.’
  • The recordings will be automatically saved to your folder named ‘Meet recordings’ in Google drive.
  • The recording link will get saved in your Gmail inbox. To open the recording, click on the link in Gmail and tap ‘Play.’

Steps on how to record a Google meeting with audio

  • Download and install a Vmaker’s Mac screen recorder on your device
  • Join your google meeting using the given link.
  • Start your Vmaker’s chrome extension and click on the screen mode to record only your screen.
  • Select the recording area by clicking on the menu and choose ‘Current Tab’ mode to support your internal audio rating.
  • Choose the quality of your recordings by setting the resolution. The highest is 4K HD.
  • Choose the audio source you want. It can either be the device microphone or external microphone such as headphones.
  • Enable tab audio by clicking ‘Include tab audio’ in the preference section.
  • Start the recording by clicking the ‘start recording button.’
  • Once you are satisfied, you should click on the red icon to stop recording.
  • The recorded audio will get uploaded to your Vmaker’s account, and you can as well edit the recording.

How students record meetings on Google meet without permissions

A student may maybe in need to record different sessions of the conference. However, you do not have to ask the teacher or the admin for permission to register or pay Google some amounts for its services.

Below are some chrome extensions to help you record your google meet without permissions and schedule your recording sessions free;

Screen recorder

The chrome extension allows a high-quality recording on Google meet and other tabs by leaving no watermark on the recorded audios. You can record the audio for as long as you want as it is not time-limited       


It is a high-quality and dependable screen recorder with several downloads. It is accompanied by a video editor feature for editing videos too.                                 


It consumes little storage on the system and enables users to record, edit and share the recording                      

 ZD Soft screen recording

The software can get used on two computers at the same time. However, it is unique from the rest as it has monthly subscriptions.

In conclusion, Google meet serves as the best video conferencing application for learning. It offers a friendly environment to students. It is also straightforward to use. Therefore, students are advised to record class session meetings as notes by following the guides mentioned earlier for future reference purposes