Everyone likes to put nail polish on the toes and fingers to look stylish. However, nail polish may sometimes create stains on couch cushions, linens, clothes, and carpet. In this situation, one has to learn how to remove nail polish from clothes or fabric surfaces found in your home.

Preliminary Step to Remove Nail Polish 

Before you should do anything about how to remove nail polish from clothes, you have to read the label of their fabric content. You should check whether the clothing has any blend that includes a blend containing acetate, tri-acetate, or either of them in pure form. If so, you should never try to remove nail polish stains at home. Instead, take your outfit to a professional cleaner in your area. You should remember that acetone-based nail polish remover dissolves such fabrics and creates an irreparable hole. Indeed, the home cleaning method is unsafe for nail polish remover in such fabrics.

Steps to Remove Nail Polish Stains from Washable Clothes

If you have to remove nail polish from washable clothes, you have to get an acetone-based nail polish remover or a simple acetone solution. Besides, you should get paper towels and absorbent white clothes. Once you arrange the required things, you have to follow the steps-

Step 1-Test the Fabric Content of Your Cloth

Look for a hidden seam on the fabric of your chosen cloth. You have to perform this step before applying a nail polish remover. Doing so will make sure that the remover does not change your cloth or fabric color.

Step 2-Remove the Excess Nail Polish

Never attempt to wipe out or rub the stain, as it may push the nail polish further deep into your clothes or spread it in a large area. However, if you find a big glob, you have to use a blunt knife to lift the nail paint immediately.

Step 3-Dab the Nail Paint Stain Using Acetone

Place a few white paper towels below the stain to allow it to absorb the acetone. You may dip a cotton swab or white cloth in the acetone-based remover. Make sure to work on the polish stain from the outside and move ahead to the inside.

Doing so will prevent the spreading of the stain. Continue dabbing the nail polish stain while it transfers to the cotton swab or cloth from your cloth. Keep changing the clean area of your towel or switching the cotton swab while it absorbs the stain. You have to continue the activity until every nail polish trace goes away.

Step 4-Apply a Dry-Cleaning Solvent or Rub Alcohol to Remove the Traces

If you find any color on your fabric, rub alcohol after rinsing the garment to clean the acetone. For this, use a cotton swab and blot away its color.

Step 5-Launder Your Garment

Once you remove the stain, you have to launder your cloth by following a regular cleaning method for removing the cleaning solution.

Steps to Remove Nail Polish Stains from Only Dry-Clean Clothes

Now, we will discuss how to remove nail polish from clothes in the case of only dry-clean clothes. If your garment has only a dry clean label, look for a professional dry cleaner and identify the nail polish stain. However, if you have to remove the nail paint stain at home, get alcohol. The steps involved in this case are-

Step 1-Test the Outfit 

Identify any hidden seam on your cloth and rub alcohol or dab a dry-cleaning solvent over it. The step assures that the color of your garment remains unchanged.

Step 2-Remove the Excess Stain of Nail Polish

Use any dull knife to eliminate the excess stain of nail polish carefully.

Step 3-Dab the Leftover Stain by Rubbing Alcohol

Take some alcohol on a clean paper towel or a cotton swab and rub it to dab the leftover stain. Always use fresh cotton swabs and other products, as the color may transfer to your selected swab. Once you complete the job, you should allow the rubbed alcohol to evaporate properly.

Fingernail or toenail polish has a durable color finish. Indeed, it is one of the challenging stains to remove from your clothes. However, applying the right chemicals may dissolve nail paint stains and work carefully to eliminate the most. Depending on your nail polish brand or the type of clothes, repeat the treatment to remove all the stain traces without compromising the fabric quality.

By Swati