Many retail stores place security tags on their sold items to avoid shoplifting issues. These tags will activate when you leave the place without paying the bill. However, the cashier personnel may sometimes forget to remove them from your bought items during busy schedules. Besides, you may face the challenge of security tags when your online ordered items arrive at your place. If you overlook security tags, they may even damage your clothes. However, how to remove security tags from products? Hence, we will provide an overview of security tags and then share a few methods to eliminate them from your clothes.

Overview of a Security Tag

A security tag refers to a small signal transmitter attached by firms in clothes, accessories, and similar products. These tags work as alerts whenever a person intends to steal any item and tries to pass from the exit without making payment for the purchased item. Companies use a pin to apply a security tag passing from the fabric of soft products and apparel. Later, the pin locks itself within the security tag. However, the question is how to remove security tags after we pay for the item or clothes.

Use of Rubber Bands to Remove Security Tags 

  • To start the process, please confirm that the ink cartridge of a security tag faces down. The ink cartridge part protrudes from the plastic tag. It is present on the opposite of the security pin.
  • Pull the security tag out far away from your clothes as much as possible. In this way, the ink will not harm your outfits if the attached sensor fails.
  • Now, wrap a rubber band across the security tag and secure it in the appropriate place. Rubber bands must be thick and broad to become enough sturdy. Simultaneously, such bands should be thin to wrap across a pin and become perfect fits to accomplish the task.
  • Hold a bigger portion of the ink security tag by using one hand. Later, remove the attached pin with your other hand. Make sure the pins exert enough level of pressure to snap off the pin finally or become readily separated from the remaining area of the tag. Repeat the same activity when the first rubber band fails to lose the tag pin properly.

Use of a Screwdriver to Remove Security Tags 

A screwdriver containing a flat end is useful for the removal of security tags from clothes and accessories at your home. However, the question is how to remove security tags. For this, you should follow the steps mentioned here-

  • To start, keep the ink cartridge by facing it upward while you place the outfit on any flat surface. Slip a thin and flathead screwdriver to slide it across below a square-shaped pyramidal cartridge.
  • Press the screwdriver kept below the cartridge firmly. It should pull up and pierce the plastic. Use your screwdriver to push the handle down so that its perimeter pops off the surrounding plastic.
  • Once you remove the ink cartridge, you will notice a lining of silver paper that covers a metallic plate below it. Remove the attached silver paper.
  • Lift the metallic arms attached to the screwdriver and take the security pin for pulling it away from the attached security tag.

Freezing to Remove Security Tags 

If you are still searching for a solution for how to remove security tags, you should apply the freezing technique. The steps to follow are-

  • Place the clothes and accessories inside a freezer. Once you complete the freezing process, remove the items, and allow them to rest for approximately one hour before you begin the removal of security tags.
  • One can use a few readily available home tools, such as scissors or pliers for easy removal. Alternatively, you may go ahead with the rubber band method. Freezing a security tag is safe, as it never spills the ink.

Needle Nose Pliers to Remove Security Tags

  • Put the clothing or any other item on a surface by keeping the ink cartridge facing in an upward direction.
  • Use a combination of pliers to grasp a particular side of a rectangular tag.
  • Grab the security tag on its other side by using a second set of needle nose pliers.
  • Use the nose pliers gently and bend the security tag down on its two ends. Here, you must avoid bending so hard, as it may spill the ink.
  • Continue to bend the tags until it slams open and later, stop.
  • Ensure to pull over the pin to make it lose.

Powerful Magnet to Remove Security Tags 

Electromagnetic devices disable most of the security tags right in the retail store. You should use powerful magnets for removing tags from your home. Place the security tag on the top part of an electromagnet with the dome or ink cartridge facing down. Once you disable the tag, you will get a sound. Wriggle the pins up and down to release them in the security tag.

Remove Electromagnetic Security Tags Forcefully 

Many modern security tags possess electromagnets instead of ink pouches. Accordingly, the steps to remove security tags are-

  • Place something between the pin head and the tag to give proper space for movement.
  • Repeatedly bend the pin forth and back until it snaps to break it.
  • Pull the security tag straight back until its pin comes out from the home.
  • Remove the security tag from your clothes.


Overall, one can remove security tags from clothes and purchased items by following either of the methods and without the requirement of any special equipment. Keep patience and find readily available tools in your home.


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