game pigeon not working

Game Pigeon is a popular mobile game available on different iOS devices. It operates on iPhone and iPad provided the system has an iOS 10 or higher version. Moreover, the game allows iPhone users to interact with the Messenger app of Apple. Also, you may access Game Pigeon by using your Messages app.

Hence, players can start and respond to their chosen games during their conversations. Besides, iPhone and iPad users can play their favorite games from a single messenger app only. Hence, it eliminates the need to store multiple games and frees your system’s storage space.

Even though Game Pigeon comes with many interesting features and games, it has recently started showing Game Pigeon not working. Many iPad and iPhone users have reported that they have suddenly failed to send and/or accept any game invite. Instead, the screen of the device only hangs while opening any game invite. Also, if a user retries the operation, he or she experiences the same issue.

Common Causes of Game Pigeon Not Working and Other Similar Problems

Experts have investigated the issue of Game Pigeon not working thoroughly. Based on the investigation, the game may have problems because of many underlying causes. A few such problems include the following-

Common Glitch on iOS

A few iPad and iPhone users experience common iOS glitches, including the problem of Game Pigeon not working temporarily. The problem is because of data mismanagement in both iPads and iPhones. You may resolve this issue by a simple restart.

Inconsistency with iMessage

The inconsistency of Game Pigeon with iMessage is another reason, due to which the game stops working. The reason is that the game completely relies on iMessage. If the game stops working on your device because of iMessage, you have to disable and activate the app again.

If the Device has Outdated iOS Version

The team associated with Game Pigeon regularly follows the latest updates on iOS. Hence, game developers have to comply with new security requirements. If you are facing problems because of outdated iOS, you have to complete your pending firmware update or install the latest iOS software.

Various Ways and Steps to Resolve the Problems in Game Pigeon Functions

Restart or Reboot the iOS Device

In most cases, users of iOS devices need a simple restart. Users facing the issue on both iPads and iPhones confirmed that they resolved the issue with a simple restart. The simple fix is effective for large numbers of users.

However, the problem also arises because of a minor glitch in the operating system and a few cached temporary files. Hence, you have to reboot the iOS device to clear temporary data maintained by your tablet or phone device. You have to follow anyone’s guide for restarting the iOS device and it depends on your iPhone or iPad model.

Steps to Restart

iPhone 10 and Other Higher Versions
  • You have to press and hold the side or volume button of your device and wait for the display of its power off slider
  • Drag the power off slider and wait for a while before turning it on.
  • For this, you have to press and hold the side button again.
iPhone SE Second Generation with iPhone 6 to iPhone 8
  • You have to press and hold the device side button until the slider displays.
  • Drag the power off slider and use the same side button to turn it on.
  • However, you have to give 30 seconds before the mentioned actions.
iPhone SE First Generation, iPhone 5 and its lower versions
  • You have to press or hold the top button of your iPhone device and wait for appearing the power off slider.
  • You must drag the power of the slider and wait for some time until its power goes down before turning it on.
IPad without its Home Button
  • You have to hold and press the volume down or volume up button present at the top of your iPad screen.
  • Wait for a while to view the power slider.
  • You have to drag the power slider and wait for another 30 seconds.
  • Now, use the same volume up and volume down keys to turn your iPad device again.
iPad with its Home Button
  • You must press and hold the device top button and wait to appear the power off slider.
  • After this, drag the power slider and wait for a while again for starting your device by using the same top button

Follow Simple Steps to Update iOS Version

Both iPhone and iPad users face the issue of Game Pigeon because of an outdated version of iOS. The issue takes place whenever Apple released any new version for the iPad or the iPhone.

If you are looking for systematic instructions related to updating the iOS device to the latest version, you have to-

  • Visit the main menu of your iPhone or iPad and tap on the option of Settings displayed on the home screen.
  • Tap on General in the Settings menu from different options available
  • Once you visit the General tab, tap on the option of Software Update.
  • Now, check the availability of any new software update. If you see a prompt related to software updates, you have to follow the necessary on-screen prompts for installing the latest iOS version. You have to restart your device as well according to the prompts.
  • Lastly, you have to open Game Pigeon again and check whether you are still facing the problem or not.

Note-You have to remember that iPad and iPhone users have to wait for a while to be notified of the update related to the new iOS version.

Disable and Reactivate iMessage Functionality

A large number of users have confirmed to resolve the Game Pigeon issue by disabling iMessage temporarily on their iPhone and iPad devices. You have to do so by inserting a SIM card before turning it on. Only, you have to follow instructions to disable iMessage temporarily before activating it. Accordingly, the steps include the following-

  • Access the icon of Settings from the Home Page of the iOS device.
  • Tap on the option of Messages once you enter the Settings menu
  • Switch Off the iMessage toggle present in the window of Messages and wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Now, you have to turn on the iMessage toggle again.
  • After you restart the iMessage functionality, you have to repeat your action to activate Game Pigeon.
  • Finally, you have to check whether you can share and accept game invitations.

Therefore, by following the instructions, you will resolve the issues related to Game Pigeon easily.

By Swati