Say Goodbye like a Native Speaker

Not only is saying “goodbye” boring, but it can also be an awkward way to end certain conversations. Luckily, the English language is full of words and phrases we can use for this purpose. So, stop wondering how to say goodbye differently as we have the right alternatives for you. Using the following phrases to say goodbye can help you sound more like a native speaker.

How to Say Goodbye in Other Ways

1. Bye & Bye-Bye

The single word “bye” is a common and friendly way to say goodbye to family, friends, co-workers, and even clients and bosses. “Bye-bye”, on the other hand, is most commonly used when talking to kids.

2. Talk to You Later / Talk to You Soon / See You Soon / See You Later

You can use all of these phrases with everyone, from friends to co-workers. It’s like you’re saying that that isn’t the end and that you will talk or meet again.

3. Catch You on the Flipside / See You on the Flipside

These phrases are informal ways to say “see you tomorrow.” Just don’t use “see you on the flip side” in business conversations.

4. Take Care

This phrase means that you care about the speaker to a certain degree without being too close or informal. You can use it to say goodbye or combine it with another goodbye synonym, such as “Bye. Take care.”

5. I’m Off

When using this phrase as an alternative to goodbye, it’s best to combine it with other words such as “Anyway, I’m off,” or stating reasons you’re leaving the conversation “I’m off: It’s late and I’m tired.”

6. Have a Good/Nice Day

Use these phrases to say goodbye in a polite, and pleasant way to co-workers or someone you don’t know very well, such as a taxi driver or cashier. You can say “Have a nice day/weekend/vacation” depending on the situation.

7. Laters/Catch Ya Later

These are very casual and friendly ways to say goodbye to friends, family, or anyone close to you.

Why Using Alternative Ways to Say Bye

You’ll sound more like a native speaker by using them and leave the conversation in the right tone.